112 Witty Thursday Memes To Celebrate The End Of The Working Week

Ah, Thursday… some may say that Mondays are the worst day of the week, but is there anything worse than knowing you’ve only got one day left until the weekend?

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In this article, we’ve thrown together 112 hilarious memes that’ll, hopefully, keep a smile on your face until you reach Friday.

112 Witty Thursday Memes To Celebrate The End Of The Working Week

So, let’s get started!

1. It’s Thursday! Let’s Do This!

2. Thursday? Happy? No.

3. Have a Fabulous Thursday…

4. It’s Thursday… I Can Smell The Weekend From Here

5. I woke up today thinking it was Friday…

6. I Can See it! friday’s almost Most Here!

7. Don’t be look worried. It will be a great Thursday!

8. Whoa… it’s finally Thursday!!!

9. It’s Friday, it’s Friday… no, wait, it’s Thursday.

10. Happy Thursday! You’re only one day away from being two days away from doing the same work you’re doing right now!

11. Worst Friday is when you realize it’s Thursday

12. Well, I’ll be… it’s still not Friday?

13. Morgan Freeman: Happy Thursday… you just read that in my voice, didn’t you?

14. Thursday is before Friday? False. Thursday is 6 days after Friday

15. Thursday is the new Friday

16. Yoda: Thursday, it is. Have a great day, you must

17. Today is Thor’s day

18. Friday called. She’ll be here tomorrow

19. Good morning. Happy Thursday. Make the most of this day!

20. Is that you, Thursday? It’s Thursday!

21. Tom Brady be like…

22. What time is it?

23. Ta-da it’s Thursday! Nearly the weekend

24. Let us give Thursday… a kiss

25. How I feel when trying to get outta bed every morning

26. Happy Thursday!

27. Hang in there… tomorrow’s Friday!

28. Don’t worry. It’s almost Friday

29. My calculations say it’s Thursday!

30. Was going to say ‘Good Morning’, but…

31. Tomorrow Is Friday!

32. Dreaming of Friday

33. Thursday, huh?

34. It’s Friday…

35. Have A Super Unicorn Thursday

36. If you woke up today thinking it’s Friday, you’re gonna have a bad time

37. The Ultimate Throwback Thursday

38. Have a Supernatural Thursday

39. Happy Thursday? You don’t say?

40. You can always pretend it’s midnight Friday

41. As happy as a pig in…

42. Ryan Gosling says ‘Happy Thursday’

43. Thursdays Are Just Wannabes

44. You mean to tell me

45. The best throwback ever

46. Hang on!

47. Robert Smith speaks the truth

48. Sorry… just practicing for tomorrow…

49. Less is more… except when it’s not

50. Bit rude that it’s not Friday, but okay

51. Come on! We are this close!

52. T’is the season to get hammered

53. This baby has the best luck

54. Ah, yes… Throat Punch Thursday

55. This horse knows what’s up

56. Narrow Dog says, ‘Happy Thursday!’

57. Just peeking in to say

58. Specially for you!

59. Get a hold of yourself, Bob… the coffee is almost ready, and tomorrow is Friday!

60. Great… we get to see how everyone started from the bottom, and now they’re here

61. So, it’s Thursday… tomorrow’s Friday

62. Thirsty Thursday… nom nom nom

63. Oh, please, tell me it’s at least Thursday

64. Yeah, if Thursday could be Friday… that’d be great

65. Today is Thursday!

66. It’s Thursday! Almost the weekend!

67. Friday just called… She’ll be here tomorrow, and she’s bringing the wine!

68. Uh-oh… guess what day it isn’t! Happy Thirsty Thursday!


69. Enjoy your Thursday!

70. I see… Friday!

71. Hang in there! It’s Almost Friday!

72. What do you mean it’s only Thursday?!

73. Still waiting for Friday… Happy Thursday!

74. Happy Thursday! Smile!

75. Smile! It’s Thursday!

76. You say ‘Thursday’. I say ‘Friday Eve’

77. Nothing screws up your Friday like realizing its Thursday

78. Good Morning! Do I Smell Friday on the Way…?

79. Thursday? Are you serious?

80. Happy Thursday… may you find moment that make you smile!

81. Thursday… or, as I like to call it, Day four of a very long week

82. It’s Thursday… or, as I like to call it… Day 4 of the hostage situation

83. It’s Thursday, and I’m lookin’ fab!

84. Good morning! It’s Thursday… and, if you stand on your tiptoes, you can see Friday!

85. Thursday? Are you serious?

86. It’s Thursday, or as I like to call it: Day 4 of the Hostage Situation

87. Thought I’d stop by with a smile, and brighten up your Thursday awhile

88. I made it… it’s finally Friday


89. It’s only Thursday

90. Thursday today! Ready to fly for the weekend!

91. Happy Thursday, my pretties!

92. Is… it… Friday yet?!

93. Tomorrow is Friday! Loading… please wait…

94. It is Thursday, my bros

95. I was just wondering… is it Friday yet? I’m asking for someone else…

96. Story of my life… Hey, tomorrow’s Friday!

97. Thursday. The most useless day. It only exists as a reminder that it’s been a really long week… and it’s still not over.

98. HAHAHA! It’s not Friday! It’s only Thursday!

99. Doing the Thursday Happy Dance!

100. I wish all my friends a Happy and Blessed Thursday!

101. Smile! Tomorrow is Friday!

102. It’s Thursday! Sorry, just practicing for tomorrow

103. Hey, look! The Weekend’s Right Around the Corner! Happy Thursday!

104. The face you make when you realize tomorrow is Friday!

105. I Started The Week With a Big Box of Patience… The Box is Empty Now

106. T.G.I. Thursday!

107. Stay Strong! Weekend is Coming Soon

108. It’s Throwback Thursday! Time to Dance Instead of Work!

109. Happy Thursday… a Double Dose of Caffeine, Please

110. Welcome to another Thursday! Sharing is Caring!

111. May your day be filled with many smiling moments

112. Thursday… We Like You Because You Sit Next to Friday!

Final Thoughts

So, there we have it! Those were our 112 silliest Thursday memes to keep you distracted until tomorrow.

Only one day left, and you’ve got the whole weekend to relax. We can’t wait!

Have a great weekend… but, for now, Happy Thursday!

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