Weird And Funny Cookie Memes You Need To See!

Yes, you read that correctly. There are so many strange and hilarious cookie memes on the internet and we’ve found the very best to compile in a list for you today.

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Weird And Funny Cookie Memes You Need To See

So let’s have a look:

1. When You Bite Into A Raisin Cookie Thinking It’s Chocolate Chip

2. Fun Gingerbrave Fact

3. I’m Making Healthier Life Choices Lately

4. Without My Cookies, I’m Just A Monster

5. Website: We Use Cookies To Improve Performance

6. Cookie Season Is Here

7. Christmas Cookies? No, I Haven’t Seen Any Christmas Cookies

8. My Doctor Told Me To Eat More Greens So I Went On A Dye-It

9. I Made You A Cookie… But I Eated It

10. Raisins. Some Maniac. Cookies

11. All My Life I Thought They Were Cookies. Now I See. They Are Just Old Used Sponges. Wow

12. Eating Raw Cookie Dough Is The Best Option For College Students

13. Cookie Run

14. If I Had 10 Cookies And You Took One, What Would You Have?

15. Eat The Cookie

16. I’m Just Big Boned!!

17. Just Try A Box They Said. You Might Not Even Like Them They said

18. When You Eat An Entire Box Of Thin Mints And You Still Aren’t Thin

19. When You Try To Slip Into Walmart Unnoticed…

20. Yup, It’s Cookie Time

21. I’m Into Fitness, Fitness Cookie Into My Mouth.”

22. Tell Me Again How You’re On A Diet While You Fill Out This Girl Scout Cookie Form

23. What They Tell You To Do

24. Me Eating Some Cookies That Were For Next Week

25. I Want Cookies And Milky

26. You Know When You Buy A Bag Of Salad And It Goes All Brown And Soggy?”

27. If A Cookie Falls On The Floor And You Pick It Up… That’s A Squat, Right?

28. I’d Say I’m About One Cookie Away From Being Happy

29. How Do I Like My Eggs? Umm, In A Cookie

30. Don’t Be Silly, There’s No Monster Under Your Bed. Now Go To Sleep!

31. When You Click ‘Accept Cookies’ And Then You Don’t Get Any Cookies

32. How I Feel Putting Sprinkles On Christmas Cookies

33. The Only Cookie Cutter That Ensures No One Will Eat The Cookies You Made

34. Chill Dude I Only Took One Cookie, Okk?

35. When Life Gives You A Heatwave… Make Cookies!

36. Delete Cookies?!

37. Abraham Lincoln’s Face Carved On An Oreo

38. Double Stuffed Is For The Weak

39. Sorry The Cookies Are A Little On The Dark Side

40. This Is How We Gotta Serve The Gingerbread Men This Christmas

41. This Is How You Know That Your Cookie Dough Has Gone Bad

42. My Kind Of News Day

43. We’re All Brave In Our Own Way

44. When You Try To Bake Cookies

45. Solving The Mystery: Who Ate The Cookie?

46. Active Voice: You Stole The Cookie From The Cookie Jar

47. I Don’t Know, Hansel. It Doesn’t Look Gluten Free

48. Double Stuff Oreos Should Just Be Called Oreos, And Regular Oreos Should Be Called Diet Oreos

49. You Get A Cookie! And You Get A Cookie And You Get A Cookie. Everyone Gets A Cookie!

50. When I Plan To Make Cookies

51. Dieting Vs Intuitive Eating

52. If Having A Dog Has Taught Me Anything, It’s How To Eat Cookies VERY QUIETLY

53. The Perfect Cookies Don’t Exis—

54. Remember To Leave Milk And Cookies For Captain America Tonight

55. Upside Down Pans Make Cookie Bowls

56. My Jeans Keep Telling Me No More Christmas Cookies While My Leggings Are Like We Got You Boo

57. Sent My Wife For Milk & Cookies… Meet Milk & Cookies!

58. Thanks For The Milk And Cookies But I’m Vegan

59. Milk All Gone Cookie Now Please

60. There’s No Louder Sound Than The Crunch Of Something You’re Not Supposed To Be Eating

61. But Dad, All The Other Kids Leave Cookies And Milk For Him

62. When You Try Baking Something You Saw On Pinterest

63. It’s Cute That They Sell Family Sized Oreo Boxes Thinking That People Are Going To Share Them With Their Family

64. When You Bite A Raisin Cookie Thinking It’s Chocolate Chip

65. I Need To Go On A Diet! Oh Look A Cookie!

66. Him? No, He Doesn’t Want A Cookie He Says I Can Have Two

67. Cookie Is The Answer… Who Cares What The Question Is


That’s it! The very best cookie memes for you to enjoy, we hope they didn’t make you too hungry…

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