The 30 Funniest Memes About Weekend Plans

Who doesn’t love the weekend? Whether you’re planning on relaxing, going on a big hike, or hanging out with friends to help you decompress after the stresses that the week brings. 

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The 30 Funniest Memes About Weekend Plans

Although we only have a few days to enjoy before we have to head back to work again, we can manage to fit a whole lot of fun (or sleep) into those two days.

Two days definitely isn’t enough but that’s a conversation for another day. 

No matter what your plans are, there is a meme out there that will sum up exactly how you’re feeling.

From crawling to the Friday finish line to dreading going back to work on Monday, we’ve got you covered. 

Here we have put together a list of the 30 funniest memes about the weekend that you will love.

Share them with your friends and co-workers to get all of you in the weekend spirit, no matter what day it is these memes will give you a mid-week boost or a good laugh on a Friday. 

Keep reading if you want to share a giggle and spread some joy to get you through to the weekend. 

30 Funniest Weekend Memes

Although there are literally thousands of funny memes on the internet about the weekend and how to spend your weekend plans, these were our favorites because we think they say exactly what we’re all thinking! Ready? 

1. “My Goal This Weekend Is To Move Just Enough So No One Thinks I Am Dead.”

2. “Stay Strong Weekend Is Coming.”

3. “Yeah I Am Totally Ready For The Weekend. Me, Monday At 9:02 AM

4. “This Is My Weekend Face.”

5. “Leaving Work On Friday…”

6. “Onward!!! It’s Friday! Time For Shenanigans.”

7. “Smile, It’s Friday!!!”

8. “How It Feels To Have A Three-Day Weekend.”

9. “Is It? It Is! It’s Friday.”

10. “I’m Glad It’s Friday This Week Has Been Ruf.”

11. “Today Is Saturday, Which Means That Today I Will Be Multi-Slacking Instead Of Multi-Tasking.”

12. It’s Saturday,  Movement Is Optional.”

13. “Friends: Saturday Night Plans? Me:”

14. “Shhh. It’s A Sunday!”

15. “It’s Saturday. I Plan On Doing Nothing And Plenty Of It.”

16. “My Sunday Face.”

17. “Monday Morning Vs Saturday Morning.”

18. “Saturday Night! Party Time!!!”

19. “Friday Got Me Like.”

20. “Smell That? It’s The Weekend!”

21. “I Got 99 Problems But They Can Wait Till Monday.”

22. “That Can Wait Until Monday, And That Can Wait Until Monday… Everything Can Wait Until Monday!”

23. “Better Days Are Coming. They’re Called Saturday And Sunday.”

24. “I Don’t Want To Go Back To Work.”

25. “Me Leaving Work On A Friday.”

26. “When Asked About My Weekend Plans. I Like To Do Nothing With No One”

27. “This Weekend, I’m Going To Try And Recover From The Stress Of Trying To Make Weekend Plans.”

28. “Me On Friday Evening After Logging Out. Dobby Is Free.”

29. “The Friday Fun Fact. It’s Fun And It’s A Fact.”

30. “Me Every Sunday Night.”


We hope you thoroughly enjoyed our list of funny weekend memes. Each of these memes perfectly sums up how we all feel toward the end of the week and how grateful we are for some much needed rest on the weekend!

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