The 30 Best Memes To Welcome A New Team Member

When you have a new team member joining your office, you’ll want to make them feel right at home.

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We all know how scary it can be starting a new job, so breaking the ice with humor can be a great way to make them feel more at ease. 

The 30 Best Memes To Welcome A New Team Member

Sending your new co-worker or employee a meme via email or workplace chat platform can show them you have a funny side and aren’t just about work. 

If you think that something motivational is better suited to the new person, we have plenty of those too!

Keep up morale and encourage others in your workplace (not just the newbie) with lighthearted memes and some motivational quotes. 

Here we have collected 30 of the best memes to help welcome new team members to the office and hopefully make them laugh! 

1. “Welcome To The Team, You Don’t Have To Be Crazy To Be On This Team, It Naturally Happens With Time.”

2. “Welcome To Our Team. You’re One Of Us Meow.”

3. “Hooray! Welcome To The Team!”

4. “Become The Hardest Working Person You Know.” 

5. “Welcome To The Team.”

6. “Hooray! You! Are! Here! Welcome To Team Awwwwesooooooomme!”

7. “The First Day Of Your New Job Can Be Scary. But Remember, Others Are More Afraid Of You Than You Should Be Of Them ;).”

8. “Interviewer: What Are Your Future Plans? Me: Lunch. Interviewer: I Meant Long Term Plans. Me: What, Like Dinner?”

9. “New Employees Are Friends, Not Food.”

10. “We Can And Will Be The Best Team Ever.”

11. “If You Want To Go Fast, Go Alone. If You Want To Go Far, Go Together.”

12. “You Don’t Have To Be Crazy To Work Here. We Will Train You.”

13. “Believe You Can, And You’re Halfway There.”

14. “Welcome… To The Party.”

15. “Wandering Around On My First Day Of Work.”

16. “This Is Your Sign To Have A Good Day Despite Any Obstacles That Come In Your Way.”

17. “My Emotional Support Animal Is Coffee.” 

18. “Me In The Meeting Wondering How They Got The Big Table Through The Door.”

19. “If A Cluttered Desk Is A Sign Of A Cluttered Mind, Of What, Then, Is An Empty Desk A Sign?”

20. “Boss Called In Sick Today… So I Came To Work Like This.”

21. “My Co Worker Has Taped A Sign To Her Face Declaring That She Is On Lunch While She Naps.” 

22. “Coworkers Are Like Christmas Lights. They All Hang Together, But Half Of Them Don’t Work And The Other Half Aren’t Bright.”

23. “Boss: How Good Are You At PowerPoint? Me: I Excel At It. Boss: Was That A Microsoft Office Pun? Me: Word.”

24. “Change Is Painful. But Nothing Is As Painful As Being Stuck Somewhere You Don’t Belong.” 

25. “Keep Calm And Have A Great First Day Of Work.”

26. “It’s A Beautiful Thing When A Career And A Passion Come Together.” 

27. “In Every Job That Must Be Done There Is An Element Of Fun.”

28. “So What Are Your Skills?”

29. “The Office. Petty Behavior. Zero Productivity. All In A Day’s Work.”

30. “Become The Hardest Working Person You Know.” 


Humor is a great way to break the ice with new people around the office and help them to settle in. Who doesn’t love a funny meme? We hope you get some laughs and make some new friends with these fantastic memes. 

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