The 30 Best “Everything Is Fine” Memes You Will Love

There comes a time in everyone’s life when they will need to use an ‘everything is fine’ meme. Sometimes life has a way of testing us and we just need to use our sarcastic sense of humor to get through it. 

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Whether you’re sending it to a friend, colleague, or family member everyone will see the humor in one of these classic memes! There is something everyone can relate to in this list. Let’s start with the original and first meme featured on our list. 

The 30 Best “Everything Is Fine” Memes You Will Love

Meme Origins

The original ‘this is fine’ meme at number one is thought to be the origin of the meme, from the webcomic ‘Gunshow’. This comic was created by KC Green in 2008 and features a wide range of topics using humor to demonstrate its points. 

The scene depicts a cartoon dog in a tophat sitting at a table whilst the room around him is engulfed in flames. Underneath the dog, the line reads ‘this is fine’.

This particular comic strip was created in 2013 and has become an internet sensation ever since, with shirts and merchandise still available for purchase online.  

Since its release, there have been dozens of variations of this meme that have spread themselves across multiple social media platforms and channels.

Unfortunately the original comic strips are no longer in production but you can still view the illustrator’s work on his website. 

Here are the best ‘everything is fine’ memes for you to use and enjoy, save your favorite ones to use at a later date! 

The Best Everything Is Fine Memes

1. This Is Fine

2. When Life Is Falling Apart But You’re Totally Used To It Now

3. This Is Exactly What Happens In My Brain All The Time

4. Is Anyone Else In A Weird State Of Mind Rn? Like Everything’s Fine But Everything’s Not Fine

5. It’s Fine I’m Fine Everything Is Fine

6. Everything Okay Nope

7. Earth Is A Mess Y’all

8. I’m Doing Fine How you doing

9. When The Movie Trailer Looks Different Than The Book

10. My Whole Life Is The Episode Of Friends Where Ross Drinks All The Margaritas And Keeps Telling Everyone That He’s Fine When He Clearly Isn’t

11. Getting Through This Week Like I’m Fine

12. When You’re On Your 10th Breakdown Midway Through Your Shift And Someone Asks If You’re Ok

13. It’s Fine I’m Fine Everything Is Fine

14. I’m Fine I’m Just Being Dramatic It’s What I Do

15. I’m Fine

16. Hi I Hope This Email Finds You In Another Dimension Where None Of This Is Happening And Everything Is Fine

17. My Manager So How’s The Shift Going? Me

18. When The World Is Falling Apart But You’re Trying To Stay Positive

19. This Is Fine This Is Fine

20. Fine Doesn’t Mean Fine The Scale Goes Great Good Okay Not Okay I Hate You Fine

21. Can You Just Chill Out A Little? Nope Everything Okay? Nope

22. I Walk Around Like Everything Is Fine But Deep Down Inside My Shoe My Sock Is Sliding Off

23. She Left A Note On The Fridge Saying This Isn’t Working Goodbye I Opened It And It Works Just Fine

24.  Some Days I Just Want To Reply To Emails With Ok And This Photo

25. Friends Is Everything Ok? Me I Don’t Want To Talk About It. Me 5 Seconds Later It All Started When I Was Born

26. I’m Fine Cry Inside

27. Me When I’m On The Verge Of Tears In Public And I’m Doing Everything I Can To Hold It In And Act Like Nothing Is Wrong At The Same Time

28. I Just Ended A 5 Year Relationship Omg Are You Ok? Yeah I’m Fine It Wasn’t My Relationship

29. I’m Fine The Rest Of You Need Therapy

30. Yes I’m Fine Freaked Out Insecure Nervous Emotional 

How To Make A Meme

If you want to create your own ‘everything is fine’ meme, it couldn’t be simpler. There are dozens of smartphone and desktop applications that can be used to do this.

All you need to do is put some text on a picture, GIF, or video in order to create a meme. Adobe Photoshop, Mematic, GIPHY, and Canva are all great platforms to use to do this. 

Once you’ve selected the appropriate text and media source, you can share on the internet to become a viral sensation or simply share with friends to make them laugh! 

The Bottom Line

There you have it, the 30 best ‘everything is fine’ memes for you to save and share with whoever you wish to. If you don’t want to share them with someone, you can just have a read-through of the list to give you a good giggle.

We hope you enjoyed our list and have found your new favorite meme!

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