I Miss You Memes – Find 100s Of Great Memes To Send To The One You Love

Are you far away from that special someone during the holidays? How can you tell them that you miss them in a way that will raise a smile? Well, why not do it through the noble art of memeing?

Sometimes it’s hard to express yourself and who doesn’t love a good meme? Whether it is a cute kitten rolling around on a bean bag or one of your favorite characters from a Disney flick telling your boyfriend or girlfriend how much you love them, a meme can work wonders.

So how can you find the right meme that tells your loved one exactly what they mean to you? Are there any memes that you can find that contain your favorite characters?

Well, in short, yes there is, just keep reading, we have a select few of our favorites.

Great I Miss You Memes

1. Cute Squirrel

How much do you miss me? I love you this much! This cute squirrel really says it all.

2. Cute Puppy

Look at those big teary eyes! This puppy will show your bae how much you’re really missing them.

3. My Name Is Lisa

From the classic comedy Bridesmaids, this meme tells your loved one you miss them in a funny and sulky way.

4. Cute Polar Bear

This will certainly give your loved one paws for thought. Those beautiful black eyes say it all.

5. Cute Sloth

Because who doesn’t love a beautiful sloth? Whisper it softly: I miss you, darling!

6. Cute Pig

Now we have the cutest pig in town putting it as simply as possible: I miss you very much!

7. Cute Owl

This meme is a real hoot! Taking one look at those fluffy feathers and sad face, your loved one will soon feel how much you miss them.

8. King Of The Hill

If you are missing your boyfriend or girlfriend so bad you need to go to the bathroom, then send them this meme!

9. Moon-Faced Man

Are you finding it hard to get someone’s attention? Then why not let the moon-faced man let them know how much you need them to text you?

10. Cute Pug

This dog is one of the cutest we can find. This is a great meme for getting across how much you miss that special someone with very few words.

11. Cute Pug 2

Why only have one cute pug meme when there are so many to choose from? This will certainly communicate how much you miss someone.

12. Silly Fox

This crazy fox will let your loved one know that you are crazy about them.

13. I Can’t Keep Calm

This is great if you are looking for a spin on a classic British phrase. Because sometimes when you miss someone it’s really hard to keep calm!

14. Cute Puppy

This is one of the most beautiful puppies we have ever seen. Anyone’s heart will melt once they get this meme sent to them!

15. Funny Dinosaur

This dinosaur is asking all the right questions and hopefully, so will your loved one when they have read this.

16. Gollum

Our fave character from Lord Of The Rings, Gollum really says it all: I miss you, my precious!

17. Cute Panda

We all know how unbearable it is when your loved one is away from you. They say a panda is worth one thousand words!

18. Post-It Note

This note is very simple and extremely effective. All you need are a few words to say how much you miss someone.

19. Minions

These minions are super evil, yet they are super funny! Tell your partner how much you love them with some of the coolest characters in movie history.

20. Cute Cat 2

We have another cute cat here. Cute cats are one of the best ways of telling someone that you care about them deeply.

21. Evil Cat

Now you really don’t want to mess with the evil cat! This will tell your much-missed loved one that you can’t stand missing them a moment longer!

22. Cute Puppy 2

Here we have another super cute puppy. How will anyone be able to resist replying to this meme?

23. Phone Charging

We all know how horrible it is to be away from your phone. Well, this is what it’s like being away from your partner!

24. All Of My Heart

This is a very simple and very beautiful and romantic meme. Sometimes it is important to just keep it classy and this is the meme to do that!

25. Tater Tot

Why appeal to your loved one’s heart when you can appeal to their stomach? Hopefully, this meme will hit them like a warm tater tot!

26. Minion 2

Because you can never get enough minions, am I right? This tells that sexy someone in your life that you want to be with them.

27. Futurama

If you have a little playful sparring with your partner, then you should certainly send them this meme to let them know they love you… but in a playful way!

28. Cute Puppy 3

If it was our choice, we would have this whole list made up of cute puppies. This puppy tells it like it is: I miss you!

29. Cute Sloth 2

Here we have another sloth meme that will give your missed loved one everything that they need to feel warm and special again.

30. Cute Kitten 2

This sleeping kitten is one of the cutest memes that we could find! Send this to your loved one and their heart will be skipping with joy!

31. Spongebob

We’ve all felt like Patrick when our loved one goes away. So why not say it as he shows it?

32. Throw It In Your Face

This sentiment really sums up the frustration you feel when your loved one is not close by. If you can’t say it yourself, let a meme say it for you!

33. Cute Kitten 3

This kitten really gets it, sometimes it does feel like that special someone has been gone forever.

34. Cute Lama

If you look in the mirror when you are missing your boyfriend or girlfriend, then you might see this face looking back at you.

35. Crazy Girlfriend

Sometimes we all get a little crazy when we miss someone, so why hide it? This meme tells that special someone you love them… very, very intensely.


We hope that our list of memes has helped you to help convince that special someone in your life that you cannot do without them. 

The great thing about memes is how short they are. Make sure that you send these every few minutes to let them know how much they really mean to you!

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