15 Hilarious Scary Pranks To Try Today

There are so many different types of pranks out there, you just need to get creative if you want them to be remembered! While everyone loves a good prank, sometimes, we want to take it a step further and make them a bit scary. 

15 Hilarious Scary Pranks To Try Today

We’ve put together a list of 15 absolutely hilarious pranks that are also a bit scary, so they are perfect for Halloween or Friday the 13th! 

Just remember, not everyone likes pranks and some people get scared a lot easier than others.

Make sure that if you are going to do these pranks, you only do them to someone you know, and do not prank anyone who is ill or gets scared too easily! Pranks are only funny if everyone involved understands the joke! 

1. Mirror Writing

This is a great prank to start with because while it is a bit scary, it’s also quite harmless. All you have to do is find a mirror in your house that is used a lot and use a bar of soap to write a creepy message on it.

Anything like “I’m watching you” or “I know what you did” will work really well. 

You also need to make sure that no one sees you writing the message or the prank won’t be as effective! You want to creep people out a bit before they laugh, so don’t get caught writing the message! 

2. Bed Bugs

If you really want to give your prank victim a fright, wait until they are about to go to bed to really catch them off guard.

You’ll need to get hold of some fake bugs for this particular prank and scatter them under the duvet, but it’s definitely worth it just for their reaction! 

Make sure you plant the fake bugs a couple of hours before they get into bed so they won’t guess it was you, at least, not straight away.

If you’re caught putting the bugs in the bed, it won’t have the desired effect. 

You’ll be crying with laughter at their reaction. Get ready for some screams! 

3. Only Take One

This is a great prank if you don’t have much time, especially on Halloween night itself. You’ve no doubt seen those “please take one” candy machines, well, that’s what you’ll be using for this prank! 

Just place it in your house or on your porch and add some candy into the bowl.

Then watch as unsuspecting people, both family, and little kids reach into the bowl only for the mechanical hand to grab them. This silly prank is old, but most definitely gold! 

4. Creepy Doll Part 1

The first of two pranks involves a creepy doll, for this one, you will need to get hold of a creepy doll and then get some paper and write a creepy note on the paper.

With the pen, put it in the doll’s hand and leave it somewhere where someone in your house is going to see it. 

Most people are quite scared of dolls already, so this is sure to scare at least one person in your house!

5. Creepy Doll Part 2

Creepy Doll Part 2

And here is the second creepy doll prank! For this one, instead of leaving your doll somewhere with a creepy note, instead, you’re going to start off by placing the doll in a really obvious place.

You need everyone in your house to see it first, or at the very least, the person you want to play the prank on. 

Once they have seen it, you need to move it to a different spot that is also obvious. If anyone sees you move it though, it won’t be as effective!

The person you are playing the prank on is sure to get creeped out and scared when it seems like this doll has moved all around the house. 

You can take this prank a step further by moving it every time they see it until they eventually work out you’re pranking them! 

6. Creepy Music Prank

You’re going for the long game with this prank, but it’s definitely worth the time and effort. Basically, you’re going to find some creepy music or a creepy sound and play it every so often in your house. 

Be creative with this one. Stop and start the music at random times, move the speaker you’re playing it out of, etc.

You don’t want the people you’re playing the prank on to be able to pinpoint where the music or sound is coming from.

It’s sure to creep them out! 

7. Haunted Drone

This one only really works if you have a drone, so if you do have one, try this out! You are going to be attaching some form of ghost or witch onto the drone and flying it around for this prank. 

You can fly it all around your neighborhood for the best results, and you want people to catch it flying in the sky.

Suddenly, everyone on your block will be talking about how the street is haunted when really, it was you all along! 

You will get more than a few screams of terror when you try this prank for yourself. 

8. Fake Spiders

Regardless of what you do with the fake spiders, this is sure to scare anyone. Get hold of some fake spiders and use them to play pranks! 

You can put the fake spiders in someone’s car in a place they are going to notice it before they even start the car up.

You can put them in the corner of the room and wait for someone to scream, you can even go to the top of the stairs and drop a fake spider on someone’s head. 

This is a simple prank that is super scary! 

9. Standing Outside The Window

You will need patience for this prank, and you’ll also need to make sure that the person you’re playing it on can see you. 

You can dress up as a fictional monster or as a ghost or as whatever scary thing you want and then you need to stand outside in full view of their window.

As soon as your victim sees you they will jump out of their skin. 

You don’t have to wait for Halloween for this one either! Just make sure that it’s someone you know before you pull it. 

10. Put Your Own Head In A Jar! 

Put Your Own Head In A Jar! 

This one will require you to do a little bit of preparation, but it’s both funny and a bit scary for any of your victims! For this prank, you need to print off a picture of your face/head and put it in a jar that is filled with water.

To make sure the picture doesn’t get destroyed, you will want to laminate it. It will last a lot longer this way. 

Once you’ve set the jar up, you just need to set it somewhere where your prank victims are going to find it. Once they do, they are sure to jump and get scared. 

As for you though, you’ll be able to watch from afar laughing your head off at your scary creation. 

11. Utilize A Scary Mask 

You better make sure that whoever you play this prank on is pretty close to you because it might take them a few minutes to forgive you for this one! 

What you are going to want to do is get a scary mask and place it on their pillow while they are sleeping.

The first thing they are going to see when they wake up is this mask… so be prepared for some screams! 

12. Something At The End Of The Hallway

Another crafty option for you, you’re going to need a long/large piece of cardboard or craft paper for this one. If you use cardboard, you’re going to need to paint it black for this to work. 

You are going to need to cut the craft paper or cardboard into the shape of a human silhouette and hang it up at the end of the hallway in your house. Make sure that everyone can see it, but make the hall dark for extra effect! 

13. Toilet Paper Eyes

Nice and simple, just get some toilet paper rolls and cut some eyes into them. Then you will need to place them around your yard and wait for people to be freaked out by them! 

14. Use Recyclables 

If you really want to make people freak out, get a load of recyclable materials and arrange them in a black bag to look like a body. Leave it out for people to find and watch how wide their eyes go!

15. Kool-Aid In The Shower

Kool-Aid In The Shower

And finally, try putting some red Kool-Aid in the shower head and wait for someone to take a shower. They will think that blood is coming out of the showerhead instead of water! 


Try these scary pranks out for yourself to really give your loved ones a good scare! 

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