15 Hilarious Pranks To Do On Friends To Try Today

There’s nothing like finding the perfect prank and playing it on your friends. If you are close enough to your friends, they’ll definitely see the funny side, and the results will leave you both crying with laughter. 

15 Hilarious Pranks To Do On Friends To Try Today

You don’t have to keep your pranks for April Fools Day either, you can do them all year round! We’ve put together a list of 15 hilarious pranks you can do on your friends that are sure to leave you in stitches. 

It is important to remember that while you might find pranks funny, not everyone will have the same sort of humor as you, so make sure you pick your prank victims wisely if you want a fun outcome! 

1. Caramel Onions

We all love caramel apples, but if you really want to play a good prank on your friends, swap the apples out for onions instead! 

You might need a bit of help to make these caramel onions, but we promise you won’t be disappointed with the outcome.

Once you’ve made your caramel onions, offer them up to your friends, but make sure that they think they are caramel apples! 

When they take the first bite, you’ll have a good laugh as their faces squirm from the sharp taste of the onions. 

2. Cracked Screen

This might cause your friend quite a bit of distress at first, but make sure you are quick to reveal it was all a joke. In fact, instead of using their phone, make them think they’ve broken yours! 

All you need to do is buy a sticker of a cracked screen and stick it on the front of your phone. Get them to “drop” it on a soft surface and make them think that they have cracked your phone screen.

It’s always better to try this prank on someone you know well, so they don’t freak out too much! 

3. Scary Spider

If you have a friend that is scared of spiders, this prank will either make or break the friendship! You just need to get a fake spider and attach it to some string.

Once you’ve done that, you can attach the string to the top of a door and when they open it, drop the string! 

They will definitely have a freak out when the “spider” drops on their face. As soon as they know it’s a prank though, everything will be fine! 

4. Texting Lyrics

This is a harmless prank you can do all from the comfort of your own home. Simply text your friends with lyrics from a song, but do it gradually so they don’t catch on straight away. 

You want to be subtle with this one so they don’t catch on straight away. Your goal is to see if you can make it to the end of the song lyrics without them realizing it, so make sure you choose a song that isn’t too obvious straight away. 

Your friends will be super confused, but once they catch on, they’ll find it hilarious. 

5. “I Know Your Secret” 

I Know Your Secret

Another text prank, all you have to do for this one is choose your friend and text them “I know your secret”. Once you’ve done that, you just need to wait for them to respond. 

9 times out of 10, they will be confused, because they don’t have a secret at all. Regardless, they will probably freak out a bit, and if they do have a secret, they might accidentally spill it to you.

Be careful with this prank because although it’s harmless, it can go wrong quickly if you choose the wrong friend. 

6. Grammar Pet Peeve

If you have a friend that is super tight about grammar and always corrects anyone when they spell anything wrong, this is a great prank for you to play on them. 

It’s another texting prank, so you just need to strike up a conversation with your grammar-savvy friend and make sure that you are deliberately spelling words very wrong. 

This will frustrate your friend, but they might not stay anything straight away. Eventually, though, they will crack and it’ll definitely make you laugh. 

7.  Replace The Picture Frames

This one might take a bit more effort and you’ll need to get permission from your friends parents before you do it, but if you can play this prank, it’s really fun! 

All you have to do is replace all their pictures with pictures of celebrities such as Will Ferrell, Danny DeVito, or whoever else you want! It might take them a while to notice, but when they do, you’ll both be crying with laughter! 

8. Broken Tap

A simple but effective prank you can play on your friends, all you have to do here is take a bit of duct tape and stick it on the nozzle.

You have to also make sure there is a little gap in the nozzle for this prank to work, so make sure that there is. 

When your friend turns the faucet on, the water will spray onto them. This one can be annoying for your friend, but they’ll soon see the funny side. Just make sure that you clean up after yourself! 

9. Krispy Creme Cauliflowers

Surprise your friends with a delicious box of Krispy Creme doughnuts! Except… they won’t be doughnuts. They will be cauliflowers. 

You’ll need to get hold of a Krispy Creme box in order for this to work, but once you do, get some cauliflower and drizzle chocolate over them for a bit of an extra effect. Once you’ve done this, close the lid and take the box to your friend. 

Cheerfully offer them some doughnuts and watch their face light up. However, as soon as they open the lid, they’ll be very disappointed! They may not notice straight away because of the chocolate so they may even take a bite and be even more horrified! 

10. Mentos In Coke 

Mentos In Coke 

This one is a classic that everyone is familiar with. If you have never actually tried this out for yourself before, then this is the perfect time for you to start. 

You just need a bottle of coke and a pack of mentos for this prank and an unsuspecting friend to play your victim.

While this prank is fun, it’s a bit more tricky to set up, because you need to put the mentos under the coke bottle lid and you need to keep it secured so the actual coke doesn’t activate it. 

Once you have done this, give the bottle to your friend and watch as the madness ensues! It’s in your best interest to do this prank outside or somewhere you can clean up easily because it can get pretty messy!

11. Roach Silhouette

If you’re a bit artier, then you should definitely try this roach silhouette prank! You will need some black paper and you’ll need to cut the paper into a shape that resembles a roach.

Once you have done this, take these cut-outs and stick them on the underside of any lampshades in your friend’s house. 

As you can imagine, this prank works better at night, so you probably won’t be around when it happens. If you are having a sleepover, this is a great time to try it out so you can see their reaction! 

12. Toothpaste Oreos

This one is pretty gross, but it’s a great way to get some laughs. Get some Oreos and scrape out that delicious filling and replace them with some toothpaste! 

Once you’ve done this, offer your friends some Oreos. If you want to take it a step further, add in a real Oreo and eat it first so they won’t think anything is wrong with the rest of them! 

As soon as they take a bite of the fake Oreos though, you’ll be laughing your head off at their reaction!

13. Tinfoil Their Room

If you have enough time and know they won’t be there, get a load of tin foil and wrap it around there room. And we mean to wrap it around everything. They’ll be super confused when they go into their room! 

14. Airhorn Chair

If you can get hold of an air horn, have some fun making them jump by attaching it so every time they sit on their chair, the airhorn will make a sound. You’re sure to get lots of laughs with this simple prank. 

15. Mayonnaise-Filled Donuts

Mayonnaise-Filled Donuts

With this one, you’ll be offering real doughnuts instead of cauliflower, but they’ll be filled with mayonnaise instead of jam! You might need some help in filling the doughnuts up with mayonnaise, but it’ll definitely be worth it for the giggles you’ll have at your friend’s expense! 


It’s sort of a rule that you have to prank your friends, so if you’re going to do it, do it with style! Each of these pranks are super creative and funny, and they’ll create some really silly memories between the two of you! 

Try these out for yourself for a good laugh.

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