15 Hilarious Pranks For Kids To Try Today

When pranks are done right, they are incredibly funny.

15 Hilarious Pranks For Kids To Try Today

When you’re creative enough with your pranks, you can really make yourself and the people you play them on laugh, and everyone can have a silly but fun time. 

If you’re looking for some pranks to try for yourself, then you have come to the right place! We have put together a list of 15 hilarious pranks that are perfect for kids.

These pranks are overall harmless and there shouldn’t really be any consequences on playing them. 

That being said, it is important to remember that pranks should never harm anyone and they should be easy to clean up.

It’s all fine and good to make a joke or pull a prank, but if the person being pranked doesn’t see the funny side of it, then it can be very unkind.

Just keep this in mind before you pull any pranks and think about the people around you! Don’t do anything that you wouldn’t like done to you! 

1. Balloon Room

This is a great prank to start off with because it’s easy to clean up and no one will get hurt! You can do this prank at any time really, but it also works really well for surprise parties. 

All you need to do is get a lot of balloons (and we mean a lot!), blow them up and fill an entire room with them.

You get double points for this one if absolutely no one sees you doing it, even the people you aren’t pulling the prank on. 

Your victim will be completely shocked when they open the door and a load of balloons comes piling out! 

2. Sleeping Mustache

If you do decide this is the prank you want to do, just make sure that you are using washable markers or any markers that are not permanent! 

For this prank, you just need to make sure that the person you are playing it on is sleeping. Once you have caught them in this position, carefully draw a mustache on their face.

Don’t wake them up! If they wake up, the prank won’t work! 

Once you have successfully drawn the mustache on their face, you just have to see how long it takes for them to notice it. This is sure to get a lot of giggles! 

3. The Classic Whoopie Cushion

This is quite literally one of the oldest tricks in the book, but that doesn’t make it any less funny… it’s a classic for a reason! 

All you need to do for this prank is get a whoopie cushion and place it underneath a pillow or cloth and wait for someone to sit on it. Both you and your victim wont be able to stop laughing at how silly this one is. 

4. Fake Bugs

All you need for this prank are some fake bugs. Cockroaches are the best ones you can get!

You just need to get the fake bugs and place them in places around your house where your victims are definitely going to see them. 

This is a simple but funny one that is sure to make you laugh. Your victims will scream in horror before they realize the bugs aren’t real at all! 

5. The Chip Can Prank

The Chip Can Prank

This prank will require you to get a can of chips and completely empty it. You need to then fill up the can with something that will spring out.

Test it a couple of times before you use it just to make sure that it works. 

Once you’re confident it works, go to your victim and offer them a chip from the can. When they take the chip can from you, they will open the lid and be greeted by whatever springy thing is inside.

This is a simple and effective prank that doesn’t take much work. 

6. Inside-Out Backpack

This is a great prank to play on your siblings or anyone in your house that regularly wears a backpack. For this prank, you just need to make sure that your victim is nowhere near you or their backpack.

Once you know the coast is clear, you need to turn the backpack inside-out and if anything was inside it, put it back in. 

Then, you just have to wait and see how long it takes your victim to notice! Even if they notice straight away, you’ll be rolling on the floor laughing at their reaction. 

7. Adjust The Clocks

This is a really simple prank that just requires you to set all the alarm clocks in the house to an hour earlier or an hour later.

Your victims will be confused when they wake up and realize it’s not the right time! 

It is very important to note with this prank that you should not pull it on a day when your victim has things to do and they cannot be late.

If you are going to pull this prank, make sure that your victims don’t have anything to do that day! 

8. TV Remote Prank

In most cases, the simple pranks are usually the best pranks. For this one in particular, you just need to tape over the end of the tv remote that has the sensor.

Make sure that you use clear tape so it will be less noticeable. 

The aim of this prank is to see how long it takes for your victim to notice. You’ll watch them get more and more confused as they try to change the channel!

They might even change the batteries which will only make the whole thing even more funny! 

9. Eat A Fly 

This one can look gross, but you won’t actually be eating any insects! All you need to do for this prank is put a raisin inside a napkin and hold it in your hand.

When you know people are watching, pretend to swat a fly. 

Once you have successfully swatted the fly, pretend to pick it up with the napkin that has the raisin in it. Now, eat the raisin! Your whole family will look at you with horror in their eyes. 

10. Shoe Prank

Shoe Prank

A really simple prank that is sure to confuse your victims, all you have to do is stuff some tissue paper into your victim prank and wait for them to put the shoes on. .Don’t stuff the shoes completely though, you want your victim to be able to get a bit of their foot in. 

They will be incredibly confused for a few minutes before they realize it, but this is one of those pranks that are just funny because of the reaction!

You do have to make sure that no one catches you stuffing the shoes though or the prank won’t work. 

11. Googly Eyes

Another silly one, all you have to do for this prank is get some googly eyes and stick them on everything in your refrigerator. And we do mean everything.

You want to make sure that no one is around while you prepare this prank too so the reactions will all be genuine. 

Your victims’ faces will be priceless when they open the fridge and have all of the food just staring back at them! You won’t be able to stop laughing! 

12. Carrot Cheetos

This prank will require you to get a bag of Cheetos. You’re going to want to eat all the Cheetos or put them in another container and then fill the Cheetos packet up with baby carrots. 

Walk around your house with the open bag and offer your family members some. When they accept the offer, they will be shocked to find out the Cheetos are actually carrots!

Because they are both bright orange in color, it’ll be hard for your unsuspecting victim to notice before it is too late! 

13. Marshmallow Straw

All you need to do for this prank is get a marshmallow and stuff it inside the end of a straw. Make a drink for someone, put the stuffed straw inside, and then offer the drink to them.

They’ll spend a good few minutes trying to work out why nothing is coming out of the straw. 

14. Toilet Seat

For this prank you just need to get a bag of pasta and secure it underneath the toilet seat and wait. Someone will come along to use the toilet and be shocked when they hear the noise as they sit down.

They’ll think that they’ve broken the seat! 

15. Glued Money

Glued Money

All you have to do for this prank is take a coin and glue it to the floor in an obvious place. Wait to see everyone struggle to get it off the floor until they give up.

You’ll be crying with laughter at their attempts! 


If you want a good laugh then these pranks are perfect for you to try. They are all quite harmless as well so you don’t have to worry about causing anyone serious problems. Try these pranks out for yourself!

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