15 Hilarious Phone Pranks To Try Today

Using the phone to prank your loved ones has been a thing for as long as telephones have been around.

Some phone pranks do take it a bit too far, but there are some that are quite hilarious and will give you, your family, and your friends a good laugh. 

15 Hilarious Phone Pranks To Try Today

If you are looking for some funny phone pranks, then you have come to the right place! We have put together a list of 15 absolutely hilarious phone pranks that you can try today! 

It is important before we go any further that you do not attempt these pranks on emergency services, people you don’t know, or anyone who may be unwell.

Ringing any of these numbers might seem funny in theory, but when you actually do it, you’ll find that it’s anything but. 

As long as you only use these pranks on people you know, you’ll be fine! 

1. “You Called Me”

Starting off this list, we have a really simple and harmless phone prank that is just a bit silly.

All you have to do is call your friend or family member and ask who you are talking to. They will then respond and will probably say something like “you called me?” 

Once they have said this, you have to act confused and then say “no, you’re the one who called me?”. 

The whole point of this prank is to see how long you can both go back and forth saying the other called first.

Eventually, they will catch on and probably work out it’s you or hang up, but it will be fun regardless. 

2. “I’ve run out of Toilet Paper” 

For this phone prank, you need to pretend that you are staying at a hotel and you are trying to get hold of the front desk.

Your friend will take on the role of the front desk, but they won’t be aware! 

Simply ring them up and act stressed, saying “I’m stuck on the toilet and I’ve run out of toilet paper, could you please send some up to my room number?”. 

See how long you can keep them on the phone before they give up! 

3. Double Trouble

This prank will require you to tag team with someone else, so see if you have a willing friend or sibling to join in. 

This phone prank starts with you ringing up the person you want to prank and you need to ask them about a free object you saw in an online ad. The more specific and detailed the information, the better! 

They will eventually tell you that they haven’t listed anything, and when they do you have to tell them that you were really looking forward to getting this item, but ultimately hang up. 

Later, have your friend or sibling call the same person about the same online ad, repeating everything that you did. The person you both called will be really confused by this point! 

4. Random Survey

All you have to do for this prank is ring up your desired person and tell them you are doing a survey for your community.

You will have to get creative for this one and have questions ready, so maybe write them down first! 

You want to make sure that the questions aren’t really relevant to each other, otherwise, the person you call might ask you what the survey is for. 

5. “Can I Call You Back?”

Can I Call You Back

You might have seen this prank online already, but now it’s your turn to try it! All you have to do is ring your friends or family and act like they are the ones who called you! 

Simply say “Hey, sorry, I’m really busy, can I call you back?” wait for their response, and then hang up. This one is just a silly bit of fun that can confuse the people you call! 

6. Ghosts In The House

You need to make sure your parents aren’t home for this one, so you can ring them. Ring them up hysterically, saying the house is haunted and you’ve seen a ghost. The more details you have the better the prank will be. 

In all honesty, they probably won’t believe you, but they’ll be super confused! If they do believe you for some reason, make sure you let them know you’re just kidding! 

7. Celebrity Impressions

If you’re good at impressions or you have access to a celebrity voice generator, then try this phone prank! All you need to do is ring up your desired person and tell them you’ve met a celebrity. 

Make sure you say you don’t have wi-fi to FaceTime them but say that this celebrity wants to say hi.

Then, do your best impression or use the voice generator, and see how far you can keep them believing it’s the real person. 

8. Mobile Operator

For this prank, you just need to pretend that you are the mobile service company for the person you are ringing and you are rining to do a mobile phone checkup. 

Tell them to do this check-up, you need them to repeat some phrases back to you. Get creative with these phrases.

Don’t make them too obvious because they’ll catch on too quickly, but make them funny! 

If it goes on long enough and they still aren’t realizing, end the call with “I’m the dummy who fell for this fake mobile phone checkup” and it’ll leave you both laughing. 

9. It’s Been So Long! 

For this phone prank, you need to ring up your desired person and act as if you have just found their number and you are just calling to see how they are and how they are doing. 

You wanna see how long you can keep them playing along for this one to be even funnier.

If they start asking who you are, get ridiculous with your responses. Make up some wild story that will throw them off who you really are. 

10. You’ve won! 

You’ve won! 

Whoever you play this phone prank on, just make sure that you’re close, cos they might be slightly upset when they realize it’s fake! 

Simply ring them up and act like you’re from a radio station or something similar, so make sure you talk officially and use their full name to make it more legit.

Tell the person that they have won two tickets to see their favorite band or artist in concert. The catch, however, is they have to answer one question correctly first. 

The question you need to ask is “If a cow laughed real hard, would milk come out of her nose?”.

Whatever answer the person comes up with will be wrong, so end the call by telling them they got it wrong and didn’t win the tickets.

11. Your Order Has Arrived

This one is really simple, just ring your desired contact and tell them that their food order has arrived and it’s on their doorstep. 

If the contact didn’t order anything, they are going to be really confused, but keep acting like you’ve left food on their doorstep.

Make sure you know their address to keep the joke up. When they eventually open the door and can’t find the food, just tell them that you left it at a different address and hang up! 

12. I Know What You Did 

This prank just involves you calling up someone you know and saying nothing except “I know what you did”. 

The main thing you have to make sure of when doing this one is you have to sound really upset, or you have to say it really matter-of-factly.

Be careful with this one though, because they might tell you something they actually did that you had no idea about! 

13. My Pizza Is Missing 

This one is fun because you’re not actually ringing a pizza place and distressing actual people who are working.

Instead, ring your friend and tell them that your pizza order hasn’t arrived after waiting for 2 hours. 

They will be incredibly confused, but see how long you can keep them on the phone and see what they say! 

14. Package Needs A Signature

Think of an over-the-top package and ring your contact saying it’s arrived, but you need their signature for it. 

To make this prank even funnier, tell them that the contents of the package are actually something they hate.

They will try to tell you that they haven’t ordered anything, but be persistent! 

15. You Got The Job!

You Got The Job!

Make sure the person you’re ringing for this one isn’t actually applying for jobs at the moment! 

Simply ring them up and pretend to be a manager for a really cool company and you want to offer them a job.

The cooler the job the funnier this prank will be because the person you’re ringing will be confused, but most likely will try to take this imaginary job they didn’t apply for! 


As long as they don’t cause any real problems, phone pranks are super funny! Try these ones for yourself!

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