15 Hilarious Harmless Pranks To Try Today

Everyone loves a good prank from time to time and it’s no real surprise as to why! When they are done right, they can be super funny.

You do have to be careful with pranks though because some of them might be fun for you, but not so much for others. 

15 Hilarious Harmless Pranks To Try Today

However, there are plenty of pranks out there that are actually really harmless, you just have to know where to look and get creative! 

We’ve done the hard work for you and found 15 absolutely hilarious pranks that are completely harmless, so next time you want to prank someone without getting into trouble, try some of these ones out! 

1. Tape The Remote

Let’s start off with a really silly one that can keep you preoccupied for ages! All you need for this prank is your family tv remote and a little bit of tape. What you’re going to need to do is take a small strip of the tape and cover up the tv remote sensor. 

You will have to make sure you do this while nobody is watching or the prank won’t work, and you may have to wait for a few hours before the prank actually goes into effect. As long as you keep these things in mind it will be hilarious. 

Watching whoever uses the remote first try hard to switch the tv on or change the channels with no luck will leave you trying not to cry with laughter. 

2. Eat a Fly

You’re sure to get a lot of wide eyes of horror with this one! Simply put a raisin in a napkin and keep it in one hand.

With your free hand, pretend that you are swatting a fly and you were successful in getting it. 

You have to make sure everyone is watching while you do this prank for it to work to its full effect! 

Now, take the napkin in your other hand and pretend to pick up the fly with it. In full view of everyone, eat the raisin.

Your family will look at you in horror believing you’ve eaten a fly that was never there in the first place! 

3. Googly Eyes

In order to successfully pull this prank off, you’re going to need a lot of googly eyes, so you’re going to have to find a way to get them from a craft store.

Make sure no one is around when you do this prank too, so when they do find the results, they’ll be surprised. 

Simply take the googly eyes, go to your refrigerator and stick them on everything. All the eggs, the milk, any containers… the whole lot.

Make sure everything has a pair of googly eyes on it. 

The first person to go in the refrigerator is sure to be in for a shock, but there will be no real harm done with this prank and you’ll probably get a few giggles out of your victims. 

4. Rearrange The Kitchen Drawers

Your mom might not like this prank too much, especially if she’s very organized in the kitchen! All you have to do for this prank is rearrange everything in the kitchen drawers.

Put the spoons where the knives go and put the forks where the spoons go. If you keep it sort of subtle, it could be a little while before anyone notices. 

While your mom might be a bit shocked at first, this prank is actually really harmless, and she’s sure to have a laugh with you when she realizes what’s going on. 

5. Replace Cheetos

5. Replace Cheetos

You might need a bit of help with this one, but it’s definitely worth it for some laughs! All you need to do is get a pack of Cheetos, empty it, and replace them with a load of baby carrots. 

You can either walk around with the packet and offer everyone a “Cheeto” or you can get some help to reseal the packet and wait for someone else to grab it.

Either way, whoever falls victim to this prank will be in for a shock when they realize the Cheetos are not Cheetos at all! 

6. Straws & Marshmallows

This prank is totally silly, but will definitely amuse you for a while. You’ll need some marshmallows and straws for this prank, so make sure you have them available when the time comes. 

Take a small part of the marshmallow and stuff it inside the bottom end of the straw to clog it. Then put the straw in a drink and offer the drink to someone.

They will spend a good 5 to 10 minutes trying to work out why nothing is coming out of the straw, and they may abandon the straw completely. 

Most people will work out something has been stuffed up the straw, but it’s worth it for the 5 minutes of fun you will have. 

7. No Money For A Lot Of Effort 

Another really silly one that you won’t be able to stop laughing at, this prank is super simple to do. Simply get a coin and glue it to the ground. Yes, that’s literally all you have to do! 

The funny part of this prank is watching everyone around you try and get that coin off the ground.

Make sure wherever you glue this coin is somewhere where the coin will be obviously seen and then just take a seat and watch the madness unfold. 

You’ll see everyone get confused, annoyed, and just straight up fed up with trying to get this coin off the ground. The results are hilarious! 

8. The Shaving Cream Prank

Believe it or not, this prank is harmless, so that’s why we’ve added it to the list. All you have to do for this prank is put some shaving cream in the hand of whoever you want to play this prank on while they are sleeping.

You’re then going to want to tickle their face, a feather works best for this, and eventually, they will use the hand with shaving cream on it to scratch! 

When they wake up they’ll be confused, but it will be super funny and harmless. 

9. Toilet Seat

You’re going to need some dry pasta for this one! Simply take the pasta and secure it with tape under the toilet seat. You’ll then have to wait for someone to go to the bathroom and sit on the seat. 

When they do, the pasta will create a cracking sound that will make your prank victim think they have broken the toilet seat! You’ll get lots of laughs from this one. 

10. Underwear Switcheroo

Underwear Switcheroo

If you want a prank that will confuse everyone, this is a great one for you to try. You just have to switch out everyone’s underwear in your house.

It might take a couple of hours for anyone to notice, but when they do, they’ll be super confused and you’ll have a good laugh about it! 

11. Change the Date

You’ll need everyone’s help in the house for this one (except whoever you’re playing the prank on), but if it works, it’s totally worth the extra effort. 

The goal of this prank is to convince your victim that the date is March 31st. You’ll need to change the date on all the devices in the house (including theirs!), change the calendar… literally everything that has a date on it. 

It’s a lot of work, but it’s worth it for their reaction. 

12. Ferret Newsletters

This prank will require you to go online to the Ferret Association of Connecticut. All you have to do is sign up your friends and family to the FAC newsletter and they will start to get regular updates about ferrets. 

They’ll be super confused the whole time because they know they haven’t signed up for these newsletters! 

13. Krispy Kreme Veggies

You’ll need to get hold of a Krispy Kreme box for this, but once you do, it’ll be hilarious. Just fill up the Krispy Kreme box with loads of veggies and then wait to ask a family member if they want a doughnut. 

When they open the box they’ll be a bit disappointed! 

14. Bubble Wrap Under a Rug

All you need to do for this prank is get some bubble wrap and place it underneath your rug. As soon as someone steps on the rug, the sound of the bubble wrap will startle them, but make you cry with laughter!

15. Non-Lathering Soap

Non-Lathering Soap

You just need a bit of clear nail polish for this one. Take the nail polish and put a thin layer of it on some soap.

Whoever goes to use the soap next won’t be able to lather it on their body, so they’ll be super frustrated in trying to take their usual shower. 


These pranks are so great because they are super funny, but they won’t cause any damage. You might annoy some people if you try these pranks, but ultimately, they are just designed for some silly fun!

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