15 Hilarious Halloween Pranks To Try Today

Halloween isn’t just about treats and dressing up, it’s the perfect time to play some funny and scary (but not too scary!) pranks!

This article will be giving you a list of some fun pranks you can play on your favorite people, just make sure you have some kind of recording device with you so you can film everyone’s reactions!

15 Hilarious Halloween Pranks To Try Today

Now, before we delve deep into the world of pranks, it’s important to remember that it is never funny to damage someone’s property, or their well-being when playing pranks.

1. Giant Spider Web

A simple, fun prank is to make your own spider web and drape them around your house and your yard.

If you want to play a prank on someone, then place the web in some surprising, unexpected areas.

You could even sneak into your sibling’s room at night and place it around their bed, this will give them a good shock on Halloween morning (and some relief when they realize it’s fake!).

2. Hidden Skeleton

Enjoy scaring your neighbors with this hidden skeleton prank. Place a few decorative skeletons in hidden areas around your yard to give everyone a Halloween surprise.

You can also play this prank on your family members by placing a few around your home. Try hiding one in the shower too!

3. Cockroach Cockroach!

15 Hilarious Halloween Pranks - Cockroach Cockroach

There’s nothing more terrifying (or disgusting!) than seeing a bunch of cockroaches crawling around on the floor.

Simply find some fake cockroaches and place them all over the bathroom floor, on the walls, inside cabinets, and wherever they’ll fit!

Follow your family around with your camera phone and enjoy their reactions when they first see these critters. Just be sure to reassure them that they’re fake!

4. Fake Mice

For this prank, you’ll need some fake mice and an egg carton. Simply find yourself some fake mice, and place them in the empty slots in your egg carton.

Place the carton back in the fridge, and wait until someone fancies cooking up an omelet.

5. Sit And Scare

This is the perfect prank for Halloween night. Dress up as a ghost, or some kind of monster, and sit outside on your porch keeping perfectly still, so you look like an ornament.

Then, as trick-or-treaters approach your door, jump up and scare them! Remember to take off your mask and show your face, you don’t want to cause any tears!

6. Chocolate-Covered Brussels Sprouts

While this prank involves some cooking, it will be worth it when you see the look on people’s faces.

Simply cook the brussels sprouts, cover them with melted chocolate and let them cool so the chocolate hardens. You want them to look like chocolate candy or truffles.

Then, offer them to your guests, and watch as they get a surprise.

7. Glowing Eyes

15 Hilarious Halloween Pranks - Glowing Eyes

This is a fun, DIY prank that you can play on everyone in your neighborhood. Simply take the cardboard from inside your toilet paper rolls, and cut out some eye shapes in each one.

Then, place a glow stick in each one, and place them in bushes and trees around your neighborhood. This will really scare anyone who walks by!

8. Peeping Tom

This is a simple prank that will really scare your family members. All you need to do is print out a scary face and stick it to the outside of a window of your home.

In order to get the best reaction from your family and friends, play this prank on them at night in a small room, and you’re bound to hear some screams.

9. Mirror Message

Another spooky prank is this mirror message trick. Find yourself some isopropyl rubbing alcohol and dip your finger in it.

Then, write a spooky message on a mirror, and breathe on it to fog it up. Then, the next time someone takes a shower in that bathroom, the steam will fog up the mirror, displaying your message.

This prank will work best when you visit a friend at their house. Write the message just before you leave – the prank will have more of an effect if you’re not there.

10. Frozen Bugs

This is the perfect prank if you have guests coming over. Place some fake creepy crawlies into each slot in your ice cube tray.

Fill it with water and let it freeze before placing a few bug-infused ice cubes into your guest’s drinks!

Don’t say anything, and let the little bugs take them by surprise, as they definitely won’t look fake at first glance!

11. Spiders On Toilet Roll

If you’ve got some drawing skills, then you can do this one by hand, but if not, find some spider stickers and stick them on the underside of the toilet roll in your bathroom.

Your family will definitely get a surprise when they next need to use the bathroom!

12. Bloody Hand Prints

15 Hilarious Halloween Pranks - Bloody Hand Prints

Use some red paint or fake blood, and leave some bloody handprints on your windows, shower doors, and mirrors!

This is bound to cause your friends and family to jump, just remember to follow them around with your camera phone, so you can film their funny reactions.

13. Hair Trauma

This prank works best on one target. Once you’ve figured out who that’s going to be, find some cheap hair extensions that are the same color as their hair.

Then, scatter them across their pillow as they sleep. They’ll wake up thinking they’ve lost all of their hair! This is another one you need a camera phone for, as their reaction will be too good to miss.

14. Blood Shower

Unscrew your shower head and pour in some fake blood or a red powdered drink mix and then screw the shower head back on.

This will result in a ‘bloody’ shower that will really scare the unlucky person who was the first to step into the shower after you placed the coloring in there.

For a double whammy, write a message as we described in prank number 9 to really get the screams going.

15. Falling Spider

This is a great prank, but it requires some DIY. Select a doorway that people frequently walk past, measure half of its length with a string, and cut it to that length.

Grab a fake spider and tie it to one end of the string and tape the other to the center of the door frame.

Rest the spider on the edge of the door by the door frame, and watch as the spider falls on everyone who walks through the door.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Egging Still Allowed On Halloween?

At one time, it was considered a funny prank for teens to throw eggs at people’s houses and cars on Halloween night.

While this was a fun activity for them, it was horrible for the people who lived in these homes and owned these cars.

Sometimes these eggs were rotten or even boiled, causing more harm. Egging can cause actual harm to property and to people, and it is now illegal in many states in the USA.

If this does happen to your home, depending on the damage caused to your property, the person who did this can receive a penalty as it is now considered vandalism.

Is Toilet Papering A House Considered Vandalism?

Another classic prank that many teens would perform on Halloween is toilet papering a house. This is when you cover an entire house in toilet paper.

While in some states this is just considered a bit of fun, it is considered vandalism in other states, such as on the East Coast.

Therefore, it is crucial that you look up the specific laws in your state when it comes to what is and isn’t considered vandalism.

Can You Get Into Trouble For Scaring People?

While scaring people is all part of the fun of Halloween, you must be careful about how you go about this, and who you do it to.

Sometimes, scaring people can come across as threatening, and you can get arrested for assault and battery if you are not careful.

It is important that you don’t make anyone feel unsafe on Halloween, so stick to scaring the people you know personally, as this will help you avoid any mishaps with the police.

Final Thoughts

Halloween is a holiday that many people look forward to.

From making creepy snacks and watching horror movies, to dressing up and going trick or treating, there’s something for everyone to take part in.

Playing pranks is a classic part of Halloween, and you can be as creative as you like when thinking of funny ways to scare your favorite people.

However, it is important to be mindful of how you do this, as not everyone will react how you want them to.

You must ensure to only play funny pranks on those you know will take it well, and you should never damage a person’s property or well-being as you do so.

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