15 Hilarious Elf On The Shelf Pranks To Try Today

Every Christmas, Santa Claus sends out his elves to every house to keep an eye on all the little children to make sure Santa has his naughty and nice list up to date right up to Christmas Eve! 


However, those little elves just can’t keep still! Some are definitely more mischievous than others, and some elves love to have a little fun and pull some pranks during the night when you are asleep.

So, it’s important to keep a look out of all the pranks your Elf on the Shelf could be doing to you! 

Check out all these Elf on the Shelf pranks so you can call out your elf whenever they try to prank you! 

1. Snow Angels Out Of Flour

Sometimes, your Elf on the Shelf will creep into your kitchen while you are sleeping and rifle through your cupboards.

They  can find all sorts of stuff in there, and they love nothing more than to get their hands dirty.

So, don’t be surprised if you go down to the kitchen for breakfast only to find that your elf has made a mess!

They love to spill bags of flour and make snow angels but while we’re sure they’ve had a ton of fun, you’re the one who has to clean up their mess! 

If you want to avoid getting pranked by your Elf on the Shelf, then you might want to ask your parents to hide the flour every night! 

2. De-Decorate The Christmas Tree

Elves love Christmas but sometimes, they may be less than impressed with your decorating skills.

Some really cheeky elves may even take down your Christmas decorations during the night, and make you put them all back up again! 

In one way, this prank is a lot of fun because you get to decorate your Christmas tree again and perhaps this time, add a few new decorations.

But, if you don’t want your elf de-decorating your Christmas tree, you had better do a good job the first time around! 

3. Toilet Paper-ed

This prank is a favorite of all elves because it’s just so funny and naughty! 

You may wake up to find that your elf has toilet paper-ed your bedroom or living room.

This means that they’ve taken a roll of toilet paper from your bathroom and unraveled it, throwing toilet paper everywhere! Around your ceiling light, in your toys, all over your bed – and all while you were sleeping! 

While we’re sure your elf had a lot of fun, this does mean you will have to roll all that toilet paper back up! 

4. Swinging From The Chandelier 

If you can’t find your Elf on the Shelf one morning, then perhaps you may need to look up – as elves love to swing from ceiling lights and chandeliers! 

This prank is pretty funny because you could have spent ages looking around your room for your elf, but they were above your head the entire time! We bet they were laughing the whole time! 

5. Message On The Mirror

 Message On The Mirror

If you have any mirrors around your house, then look out! Elves love to leave messages in fun places where they’re not supposed to! 

A lot of children have found funny jokes or hellos written on their bathroom mirrors in toothpaste or whiteboard markers.

Some even find glasses or mustaches drawn on where their face would be so it looks like they’re wearing glasses in their reflection! 

This prank is very funny and shocking, but make sure you wipe your mirror clean before you head to school!  

6. Hostage Elf! 

This prank is a team effort done by your elf and all of your other toys as they will have tied up your elf and put them in a cage (like an upside down waste paper basket, or duct-taped to the wall).

Some elves have even been tied up in string and hidden in places like drawers, doll houses, or even tied to your Christmas tree! 

But don’t worry! We’re sure your toys didn’t mean any harm, and that your elf convinced them to do it as a prank! 

7. Drawing On Faces 

Before you go to bed every night, we’d recommend that you hide all of your pens and paint – otherwise your naughty elf might get into them and draw on you while you sleep! 

A lot of children have woken up with paint or pen on their faces, either drawn on as a mustache, beard, glasses, or smiley faces.

Don’t worry – we’re sure it will wash off, but this prank is another popular one that elves love to do while you sleep, so watch out!  

8. Photocopying Their Butt!

If you have a scanner or photocopier in your home, then your elf might decide to use it in the night to pull a prank on you! 

It’s not uncommon for some children to wake up and find that their elf has decided to photocopy lots of scans of its butt and hide them around the house!

You might find one in your breakfast bowl, underneath your pillow, in your toybox, in your school bag, the list goes on!  

9. The Melted Snowman Prank

Everyone knows that their Elf on the Shelf has a ton of friends, including lots of snowmen who live outside your house. However, your elf may take advantage of this to pull a cruel prank on you! 

The melted snowman prank involves your elf spilling a puddle of water in your home, and leaving a carrot and two lumps of coal to pretend that they are the snowman’s nose and eyes.

But – don’t worry! The snowmen are fine, this is just your elf trying to prank you! 

10. Pea Puns! 

Pea Puns!

Elves love jokes, and one of their favorite types of jokes are puns. Because of this, they may try and write puns using frozen peas in your kitchen! 

Some of these puns can be a little rude but also totally hilarious – just remember to pick up all the peas afterwards and put them back in the freezer where they belong. 

11. The Elf Got Into The Snacks! 

Even elves get hungry, and your elf may try to pull a prank on you where they get into your snacks while you and your family are sleeping!

Those elves can eat a lot of candy in one night, so don’t be surprised if you wake up and find a bunch of empty candy wrappers around your room! 

If you want to avoid this, then we’d recommend hiding your snacks before you go to bed. Hopefully, your elf won’t be able to find them! 

12. Fishing In The Toilet

This prank is hilarious as your elf may get themselves a tiny fishing rod and then try and fish in your toilet! Be careful – they may even have left some toy fish or paper fish in the bottom of the toilet bowl! 

So, check the toilet and make sure you fish those fish out of the toilet! Some elves will be considerate and use plastic film to stop the fish from dropping into the water – but it’s important not to flush the toilet when there’s plastic down there! You could cause a blockage! 

13. Ketchup Attack! 

The kitchen is one of your elves’ favorite places to visit when you are asleep and the house is quiet.

Not only are they looking for snacks, but they’re also looking for something they can use to pull a funny prank! 

Some elves will find your ketchup and decide to decorate your kitchen’s walls and windows – or perhaps they’ll turn the ketchup on you!

Some elves prefer to write jokes or funny messages using the ketchup on your kitchen counters, but remember – it’s down to you to clean up! 

14. Toothpaste Oreos

Some really naughty elves love to pull this tricky but super funny prank – toothpaste Oreos! 

While you are sleeping, your elf will scrape all the white cream out from your Oreo cookies.

Then, they will replace the cream with white toothpaste, pop the top cookie back on top, then put the Oreo cookies back!

This way, when you go to tuck into one later, you will bite in – and taste toothpaste instead of cookies and cream! 

So, make sure you hide your Oreos and keep them well out of your elf’s reach!

15. The Tin Foil Prank

The Tin Foil Prank

Another popular prank elves love to pull is the classic tin foil prank. This prank involves wrapping all of your stuff in tin foil (or plastic wrap) when you are sleeping.

This means that when you wake up, you have to unwrap all of your things because you can carry on with your day. 

A few things elves wrap up for a prank includes the TV remote, your toothbrush, your shoes, your toys – all kinds of things you use throughout the day! 


So, your Elf on the Shelf might be super mischievous and get up to all kinds of tricks and pranks while you are sleeping. Watch out for the ones mentioned above – because your elf might try the prank on you!

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