15 Hilarious Easy Pranks To Try Today

Who doesn’t love a good prank? They made everyone laugh and can create memories that will last a lifetime. Whether you are in your 60’s or are looking to show your little ones the world of fun they can have, pranks are the way to go.

15 Hilarious Easy Pranks To Try Today

We have 15 hilarious and easy pranks that you can try out today. 

The best part is that all of these easy pranks can be performed at home, and many of them can be put together using items you already have.

Also, cleanup is essentially nonexistent. Check out these fun but safe practical jokes, and be sure to pull one of them off right now or soon. 

1. Toothpaste Fake Out

When you wake up in the morning, one of the first things you do is brush your teeth. Along with the rest of your family. Well, why not swap out your regular toothpaste for something a little more…tasty. 

Find whatever looks the closest to toothpaste that is in your pantry and make your swap. Then in the morning wait for your victims to cry out in horror as they realize their normal minty toothpaste has been swapped!

Brilliant if your spouse or siblings has irritated you and deserves some payback. 

2. Frozen Cereal

Tired of the kids not eating what you make for breakfast? Or simply want to show them how you are. Try out this frozen cereal prank. 

Once your kids are all off to bed, make their breakfast like normal. Their favorite cereal, milk, spoon, all the workings of great breakfast.

Then place it in the freezer overnight. As they come down for their first meal of the day they will be greeted with a frozen breakfast. 

It might take those still asleep a little longer but this is definitely one to give yourself a morning chuckle. Just make sure to have a spare breakfast to hand. 

3. Faucet Freak Out

If your kids are a little older then they may be wise to all of your regular tricks. Freak them out with this faucet freak out. 

Unscrew the faucet tap, place food dye tablets that are used for dying easter eggs. Screw the cap back on and make sure to put on a performance for the weird color coming from your faucet!

You can also do this by painting a small amount of food dye on the inside of the faucet head and then running the water. Either way your victims are sure to lose their minds when they see the weird color running from the tap. 

4. All Tied Up

This trick is great for those who just don’t seem to have a speed button. While your target is asleep, tie their shoelaces together and when they stand to go walk somewhere, they will realize they are stuck. 

Or fill their shoes with socks and tissue paper so they’re feet don’t fit inside and they have to empty out their shoes. We find this one to work on younger kids who need a lesson on getting out the door in the morning. 

5. Switch The Sweets

Find that your intended target has a sweet tooth? You need to try out this Switch The Sweets prank. Pop brussel sprouts on top of a candy stick, cover them with chocolate and a candy wrapper. 

Try to keep the excitement to yourself as your victime tears off the wrapper and takes a bite into their lollipop. Only to be met with the unpleasant texture and taste of a brussel sprout! 

Ensure to keep your own lollipops hidden so they can never get you with some payback of their own. 

6. Time To Bug Out

This classic is a prankster’s dream and should definitely be on the list of the best pranks to be created. Get a pack of plastic bugs, freeze them into ice cubes and pop them into the kids drinks at the family BBQ. 

You will get a perfect reaction every time. 

You can also go even more old school and simply place your plastic bugs in drawers, shoes, under pillows and in the shower. Expect a nice scream as your victim thinks they are being invaded by bugs. 

Although you may want to space out the timing of your crawling attacks to avoid suspicion. You don’t want to get caught in the act!

7. Shower Nonsense

Everyone knows that the best time to prank an unsuspecting victim is when they are in the shower. But you can do better than a simple jump scare for when they are opening the door or pulling back the shower curtain. 

Take off the cap of their shampoo or body wash, place a small piece of plastic over the hole then put the cap back on. As your victim squeezes the bottle they will be met with nothing. And have no idea what’s happening. 

8. Tape On The Remote

Feel like your kid spends too much time watching TV. Try out this prank

Cover the sensor on the remote and the TV with a small piece of tape. Watch as your little one tries to turn on their favorite shows. Hold your laughter and watch as they try to figure out what’s going on. 

They may even ask you to change the batteries

9. April Fool Cookies

April Fools, the day the entire nation turns into pranksters. And you should be no different. 

Simply make your kids favorite chocolate chip cookies for April Fools. But rather than cookie cough, use mashed potatoes and instead of chocolate chips, use canned black beans. 

Serve them to your kids as an afternoon snack and watch as they take their first bite and realize it is not in fact their favorite chocolate chip cookies. 

10. There’s Been An Overspill

Take an ordinary plastic wrap and a bottle of nail paint. The wrap should be painted with nail polish, then completely dried. Cut off the excess plastic once it has dried. Then, carefully set it on your child’s favorite possession, whether it be a toy or a laptop. 

To prevent spills, cover the nail paint container opening with plastic wrap. Put it in a position so that it appears as though nail paint has spilled all over it.

11. Peanut Butter Everywhere

Watch your little ones run around with confusion after this prank. 

Wipe a little scoop of peanut butter on the handle of their bedroom drawer or closet handle. Make sure it is completely out of sight and wait for them to come in confused as they find peanut butter on their hands. 

12. Cheeto Surprise

Is there someone in your household who always seems to get the last of the Cheetos? Check out this prank to teach them a lesson. 

Empty the bag of Cheetos, replace all of the Cheetos with baby carrots. Seal the packet with a little glue and watch as your victim is greeted with the disappointing flavor of baby carrots.

You can be sure that they will never eat the last of the Cheetos again! 

13. Potatoes For Dessert 

Add scoops of mayonnaise or even potato mash in place of ice cream. Then, before serving, drizzle chocolate syrup over it and top with sprinkles.

Perfect for Halloween, however you may have to make up for it with some creamy, delicious ice cream and sprinkles. 

It is important to remember that you may only get away with this prank once so ensure to use it at the perfect time. 

14. Juicy Surprise

Give your mom or dad a surprise with this juicy surprise prank. Simply take your mom or dad’s favorite beverage such as orange juice. Mix it with some Jell-o (follow the instructions on the package) and let it set overnight. 

As you parents go for a drink in the morning they will be welcomed with a rather unpleasant surprise. 

15. Minty Fresh

Are your parents sugar addicts? This practical joke is perfect if they enjoy Oreos or other sandwich-style cookies. Holding an Oreo, slowly twist the cookies to cause them to separate. Remove the frosting with a butter knife, then apply white toothpaste in its place. 

Watch your parent’s reaction as you carefully reassemble the Oreo and serve it to them. Be sure to keep your own stash of Oreos. You don’t want all of them being covered in toothpaste when you need a delicious snack. 

Final Thoughts

There you have it! 15 hilarious pranks for you to try today.  Whether you want to give your sibling a little bit of payback or show the kids that you can be a fun parent, pranks are great. 

These pranks will have everyone laughing and make sure to catch a video of the epic reactions. We highly recommend swapping the toothpaste for some cream cheese. The entire family will be given the perfect wake up call. 

So, April Fools, Halloween or just a random Thursday. Keep your victims on their toes with these hilarious, easy, and harmless pranks. Just be careful as they take it upon themselves to get their own back.

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