80 Hilarious Dancing Memes & Gifs For Sharing

We have compiled 80 of the funniest dance memes for you to check out and chuckle. You can even share them with friends and colleagues to make everyone’s day a little brighter.

80 Hilarious Dancing Memes & Gifs For Sharing

Check out 80 funny dance memes to make you smile below. 

  1. “Cat, I’m A Kitty Cat. And I Dance Dance Dance. And I Dance Dance Dance”
  2. “Come On Mel One More Down And You’ve Done The Dance Called The Worm”
  3. “ Cute Guy Asks Me To Dance. He Only Does Basic And Cross Body Lead”
  4. “Damn It John, Its Left-Right-Left And Then A Turn”
  5. “Dance Battle? Challenge Accepted”
  6. “Dance Isnt A Sport. No One Asked Your Opinion, You Filthy Little Mudblood”
  7. “Dance Lessons For Mathematicians”
  8. ”Dance Like The Movie They Said…It Will Be Funny They Said”
  9. “Dance So Fresh. Diaper So Clean”
  10. “Doesn’t Know How To Walk. REALLY Doesn’t Know How To Dance”
  11. ”Why Don’t You Call Me On Your Cell Phone”
  12. “False! You Can’t Walk On Sunshine Cyndi”
  13. “I Wanna Get Physical”
  14. “Doing The Happy Dance! Because Its…Friday! Yahoo!”
  15. “If I Did, I Do Ma Happy Dance”
  16. “When Your Package Says ‘Out For Delivery’”
  17. “When Your Parents LeaveFor The Weekend”
  18. “Cha Cha Real Smooth”
  19. “Everyday Im Shufflin”
  20. “How Normals Girls Dance…How I Dance”
  21. “And Now.. We Jazz Walk!”
  22. “Lets Go!”
  23. “Everyone: 1,2,3! You: I Thought We Agreed On 4?”
  24. “A Backbend A Day Keeps The Dance Teachers Away”
  25. “Lazy Sundays Be Like” 
  26. “One Does Not Simply ‘Skip Dance Class’”
  27. “Playing Dance Central On XBox Kinect: Expectation Vs Reality”
  28. “Salasa Dancer: How They Think They Look Vs How They Really Look”
  29. “School Dances, Even Awkward For Dogs”
  30. “Scruffy, Get Back Here! No! I Must Dance”
  31. “So You ThinkYou Can Dance…Like Me?”
  32. “That Awkward Moment When You Are Forced To Dance At A Function”
  33. “That Dance You Do When Your Crush Breaks Up With His Girlfriend”
  34. “The Cute Guy Didn’t Dance With Me. Good.”
  35. “The Dance Off Begins”
  36. “Theres LITERALLY Nothing Better Than Dance Marathon”
  37. “Tree Stop That. No, I Must Dance.”
  38. “Walking Into Studio Picture Day Like:”
  39. “We Can Dance If We Want To. We Can Leave Your Friends Behind”
  40. “We Like To Move It Move It”
  41. “Weekend Got Me Feelin’ Like”
  42. “When Some Boy Asks Me If I Like Dancing…Obviously.“
  43. “When You Get To Do A Dance To Your Favorite Song”
  44. “You Can Dance With Me, Or You Can Get Off My Dance Floor. I’m Fine Dancing Alone.”
  45. “U Can’t Handle My Swag”
  46. “You May Dance, If You Fancy It”
  47. “Zumba Instructor: 1. Walk In 2. Dance Your Butt Off 3. Walk Out”
  48. No! I Must Dance!”
  49. “When You’re Dancing In Private And Someone Walks In On You”
  50. “I Can Dance For Hours But This Is Me After One Minutes Of Running!
  51. “Dancers Be Like…Let Me Show You How Its Done”
  52. “When You Turn The Lights Off And Try To Find Your Bed”
  53. “Brain Of A Dancer”
  54. “I Got The Moves Like A Jaguar”
  55. “I Don’t Know This Man, I Just…I Just Wanna Dance”
  56. “Go Ahead…Do Your Happy Dance”
  57. “The Club Can’t Even Handle Me Right Now”
  58. “No, I Will Not Play Call Me Maybe”
  59. “May I Have This Dance”
  60. “If I Loved Below A Tap Dancer, Id Just Put Really Powerful Magnets On The Ceiling”
  61. “I Just Wanna Dance!”
  62. “I Heard You Like Dancing At Clubs. So We Put Dancing In Your Club So You Can Dance While You Club”
  63. “I Don’t Always Dance But When I Do, I Bernie”
  64. “Oh Snap! I Can Dance U Fool!”
  65. “Dance Like No One Is Watching”
  66. “Party Hard”
  67. “I Will Dance For U If U Just Give Me Food”
  68. “Monkey Dance”
  69. “She Can Not Stop Dancing”
  70. “See How I Move It, Move It”
  71. “Watch My Happy Dance”
  72. “My Friday Vibe..”
  73. “Happy Birthday Dance”
  74. “They Got That Moves Like Jagger”
  75. “Good Morning Ladies”
  76. “Dancing Bears”
  77. “Shake What Your Mama Gave Ya”
  78. “Slooooop Paaaarty”
  79. “Shimmy With Santa”
  80. “Hit That Yoinky Sploinky”

Final Thoughts

There you have it! 80 funny dancing memes. Whether you are looking for some new moves or just wanting to make someone chuckle, a dancing meme is the way to go. 

Perfect for boosting spirits around the office or just to have a giggle on your break. Be sure to share one of these 80 funny dancing memes. 

You won’t regret it!

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