15 Hilarious Christmas Pranks To Try Today

Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year when you get to spend some quality time with all of your loved ones. 

As true as this is, it is also the perfect time to play some funny pranks on each other. 

15 Hilarious Christmas Pranks To Try Today

This article is going to provide you with a list of 15 hilarious pranks to play on your family and friends during Christmas. 

1. Presents In The Fridge

The night before Christmas morning, wrap every single item in the fridge in Christmas wrapping paper, and we mean everything! 

If you want to take this prank a step further, you can also wrap up the coffee machine! Your family will be too excited it’s Christmas day to get mad at you, but this does depend on how hungry they are.

2. Cable Tie Wrapping

There’s nothing quite like the look on kids’ faces as they tear the wrapping paper off each of their presents, with an urgency like no other. 

However, wrapping their presents with cable ties makes this a hilarious prank. This will work if your siblings, children, or even parents! Just be sure to have a pair of scissors nearby, or else they’ll never make their way to their gift. 

3. Cruel Gift Card Collection

While this is a cruel prank, it is also pretty hilarious. Purchase a gift card for your specific family member, but before wrapping it, place it with several other gift cards that have no money inside them. 

The lucky family member needs to figure out which of the cards has the money inside! Cruel or what? 

4. Large Fake Present

This prank works best for tiny gifts, such as gift cards. Search for the biggest box you can find, and place the gift card or small present inside. 

Then, wrap the massive box with Christmas wrapping paper, and present this large gift to the person of your choosing on Christmas day.

Watch as their face goes from excited, to frustrated in a matter of minutes! 

5. Naughty Or Nice

Are you really a parent if you don’t threaten to get your kids’ broccoli, or coal for Christmas if they keep on misbehaving? 

Whatever it is you threaten them with, grab a few and wrap them up. Watch your children’s faces as they open these on Christmas morning.

However, do ensure that you have their real gifts nearby. No one wants tears on Christmas day!

6. Gift Not Included 

How many times have you received a gift that requires batteries, but they’re not included? How about if it was the other way around? 

This is a great prank you can play on your siblings. Simply grab some batteries, and place them in a little zip-lock bag along with a note that reads ‘gift not included’.

This is a great prank, and you’ll need a recording device in order to watch their reaction back. 

Again, it would be a good idea to actually get them a gift and present it to them afterward. 

7. Gingerbread Scare

15 Hilarious Christmas Pranks To Try Today

If you’d like to give someone a fright this Christmas, then why not use a giant gingerbread man to do it! 

Simply find a cardboard cut out of a life-size gingerbread man, and place it in bed next to a family member of your choosing.

Prepare to hear some screams on Christmas morning! This is another prank that needs to be recorded, as you’ll definitely want to keep watching it back. 

8. Sriracha Candy Canes

Candy canes are an iconic part of Christmas, so it would be rude not to include them in a prank. 

There’s no prep time involved at all in this prank. All you need to do is purchase these spicy candy canes and tell your prank-ees that they are mint-flavored which explains the green stripes on them. 

Grab your recording device, and watch as they discover the hidden spice within these candy canes! 

9. Cup Barricade 

This prank is a little mean, but it’s all in the spirit of Christmas! Although we do recommend you do this before Christmas day, as you wouldn’t want any crying children ruining your day. 

Grab as many cups as you can, fill each one with water, and place them around the presents beneath your tree.

Cover as much surface area as possible, and then text your kids, or siblings, that there’s an early present waiting to be opened. 

They’re likely to be running over to the living room after receiving that text, and watch them either slip and fall over the cups, or stop abruptly with frustration!

We recommend you hide behind the couch with your phone, so you can record whatever happens! 

10. Padlock Present

This is the perfect prank to for siblings to play on each other, or for parents to play on kids who have been kind of naughty this year. 

You’ll need their gift, a relatively large cage, and a few padlocks. Simply place their gift inside the cage, and secure it shut with several padlocks. 

Wrap the entire gift in Christmas wrapping paper, and watch as they claw at this paper, revealing this cage with all the padlocks that they can’t open. 

Now, what you do with the keys to the padlocks is entirely up to you. You can scatter them around your home and make them complete a little treasure hunt, or you can give in and give them the key, so they can access their present. 

11. Walking Present

15 Hilarious Christmas Pranks To Try Today

In order to pull this prank off, you need to have a tiny helper with you, one that can fit in a relatively large box. 

Once you’ve located this large box, and are reassured that your little helper can fit inside of it, cut out a hole on either side of the box, large enough for an arm to fit through it. 

Decorate the box as you wish (just don’t wrap it). You can write a lovely message, or add some Christmas ribbons to it.

Then, when the person you want to prank is having some down-time, place the box (with your person inside), outside your front door, ring the doorbell and back away. 

Be sure you still have a good view of everything, and watch as the person you are pranking gets the fright of their life as they see a pair of arms protruding from their present.

This is another reaction you need to film, so you can watch it back!

12. The Gift Is Alive!

Your pet cat may not take much notice of their motorized pet toys, but they really come in handy when it comes to pranks. 

These toys are motorized and move on their own, and some come with remote controls so your pet can chase it around the house. 

Grab yourself a large gift box and place the motorized toy inside. Wrap it up and place it underneath your Christmas tree.

Once you’ve decided who you’re going to prank, wait until they are in the same room as the Christmas tree, and start moving the motorized toy with your remote control. 

The gift will start moving on its own, really frightening the person you are pranking. Place a video camera close by, and record their hilarious reaction. 

13. Slipper Prank

Although this prank is more on the mean side, it’ll really provide you with some laughs on Christmas morning. 

Once the person you want to prank has gone to sleep the night before Christmas, sneak into their room and spray some shaving foam into their slippers. 

If they wear crocs, this prank will be even better, as when they slip their feet into them, the shaving foam will explode through all of the little holes in their crocs. 

14. Duct Tape Gift

This option makes for a hilarious prank, and it is even funnier if you pull it off in public. Make sure the present you choose is in a gift box, and cover it completely with duct tape. 

Once covered, wrap it in regular Christmas wrapping paper, and hand it over to the person you are pranking.

Watch with amusement as they try to get rid of all the hardy duct tape! 

15. Cupcake Prank

This mean prank will have all of you in stitches. You’ll need some cupcakes and some toothpaste in order to pull it off. 

Once you’ve got your cupcakes, remove any of the icing, and replace it with toothpaste. 

Then, leave them out for your family and friends to take a bite, and watch their reactions as they take a nice big bite of minty toothpaste!

Final Thoughts 

Christmas is a wonderful time to get together and spend quality time with all of your loved ones. 

However, we can’t deny that it is also the best time to pull some hilarious pranks on your favorite people. 

Since it’s Christmastime, people are already bound to be in a good mood, so these pranks shouldn’t upset them too much. 

We hope this article has given you some inspiration on some hilarious pranks to pull off this Christmas.

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