15 Hilarious Birthday Pranks To Try Today

Birthdays are a time to celebrate and make the birthday girl or boy feel special.

However, birthdays are also a great opportunity to have some mischievous fun, and what better way to do that than to play some hilarious pranks on the birthday girl or boy?

15 Hilarious Birthday Pranks To Try Today

These days only come around once a year, so these pranks are bound to be memorable for them.

Read on for 15 hilarious birthday pranks you need to try the next chance you get!

1. Wrap Everything!

This is a classic prank that just doesn’t get old. While your kid is at school simply wrap every single item in their bedroom.

By this we mean their bedding, pillows, desk, pencils, game consoles, you name it!

While it will take time, it’ll be worth it when you see the look on their face! You may need to help them unwrap everything though…

2. Birthday Potty

It’s safe to say that the first place the birthday girl or boy goes in the morning is the bathroom. Give them a fun birthday surprise by sticking a large photo of them underneath the toilet seat.

Nothing will surprise them more than this, we can tell you that!

3. Birthday Sponge

For this prank, cover a few sponges with some pretty frosting and watch your kid’s face as they try and take a bite out of the sponge.

This is a hilarious prank, and their reaction will be priceless. However, it would be a good idea to hide a real cake somewhere, so you can present them with it once you’ve pulled this prank.

No one wants to cry on their birthday.

4. Car Filled With Balloons

This is a great prank for school pick-up time.

Simply fill your car with balloons, an embarrassing amount of balloons, and watch your child die of embarrassment as their friends see just how much you love them!

Although you need to make sure you still have enough room to drive

5. Exploding Birthday Cake

Hilarious Birthday Pranks To Try Today

If you really want to give the birthday boy or girl a surprise, then you need to try this exploding birthday cake prank.

Cover some balloons with frosting, and then give the birthday boy or girl a sharp knife to ‘cut the cake.’

They’ll really get a good surprise with this one, but again, be sure you’ve got a real cake lying around somewhere, as this could lead to tears otherwise.

6. Birthday Honks

Paint a message on your car that reads ‘Honk for a Happy Birthday,’ and enjoy the confused expression on your child’s face when they can’t figure out why so many cars are honking.

This prank works best if your child doesn’t see the message as you’re walking to your car, so be creative about where you place it.

7. Balloon Pillow

Another hilarious balloon prank is this balloon pillow prank. All you need to do is put a balloon inside their regular pillow covers.

You may want to record their reaction as they are bound to get a serious fright the minute they rest their head on their ‘pillow’.

8. Surprise Balloon Burst

This is a favorite for many pro prankers. Simply fill a balloon with some colored power, and pop it right in front of the birthday girl or boy’s face.

You’ll really want to capture this on camera, so make sure there’s someone with a phone nearby who can capture the entire thing!

9. Confetti Prank

Birthday Pranks To Try Today

There are a few ways you can pull off this confetti prank. The first option is to buy a few bags of confetti and fill a bucket with it.

Then, secure it to the top of a door that the birthday boy or girl is bound to use, and watch as the entire bucket spills out its contents, covering them with all kinds of confetti.

The second method involves a ceiling fan if you have one. Place confetti over all of the fan blades, and ask the birthday boy or girl to switch on the fan.

As they hit the switch, tons of confetti will fall all over them, and this is the perfect time to catch a few snapshots of them!

10. Clock Switch

Once the birthday boy or girl has gone to sleep the night before their birthday, reset the clocks in your home by two or three hours.

You must ensure to do this to every single clock, including phone clocks, computer clocks, the clocks on your oven, etc.

When the birthday boy or girl wakes up, they’ll panic that they are running extremely late.

Watch them run around the house trying to get ready in time, and then have a giggle at their frustration (and relief!), as you switch all the clocks to the correct time.

11. Misleading Present

Creating a misleading present makes for a great prank that will really catch the birthday boy or girl out.

One way you could do this is by placing the real gift in a much larger item.

For example, if the present is a set of books, or some jewelry, then place them in an empty trash bin. Don’t be afraid to go over the top with this one!

Then, cover the entire trash bin with wrapping paper, and enjoy the look of confusion on the birthday boy or girl’s face, as they begin the long journey of unwrapping.

12. Cash In Ice

Everyone knows that the best gift you can give your children is cash! So, why not gift them the very thing they want most, but with a catch?

Find yourself a large ice cube, and place some cash inside. Let it freeze overnight, and present it to your child on the morning of their birthday.

They won’t risk smashing the ice and breaking any of the notes, so they’ll have to patiently wait for the ice to melt.

Their looks of frustration will really make this prank worth it, and you’ll definitely want to record their reaction.

13. Balloon Room

Birthday Pranks

This is a very simple prank, and makes for a wonderful surprise for your little one to wake up to in the morning.

All you need to do is blow up as many balloons as you can, and sneak them into your child’s room as they sleep. They’ll wake up to a room filled with balloons – what better way to say ‘Happy Birthday’?

You may also want to record them as they try and navigate their way through their room among the sea of balloons, this will make for quite an entertaining watch.

14. Spicy Birthday Cake

This prank works best when you’re hosting a birthday party. If you’re making the cake from scratch, add a little bit of spice to it.

This also works for any store-bought cakes, just add some Tabasco or Sriracha sauce to it and hide it in the icing.

Then, offer it to your guests, as well as the birthday boy or girl, and wait for their reactions.

Some may be too polite to say anything and will pretend it’s delicious, but others won’t be able to handle the spice.

This is another great prank that calls for a video camera, as you’ll be dying to watch it back in order to see all these hilarious reactions.

15. The Forgotten Birthday

Now, this one will take some willpower and planning, but once you pull it off, it will be totally worth it.

This prank will work best if you’ve planned some sort of surprise party for the birthday boy or girl.

Make sure this party is happening at the end of the day, and spend all of your time before the party acting like it isn’t your child’s birthday.

This may break your heart at first, as they’re bound to be upset, but everyone needs to be in on it in order for it to work.

This includes everyone in your home, as well as other friends and family members.

Then, depending on where you’re holding the party, make up an excuse to get your child there. Then as they enter, have all of their closest friends and family yell ‘surprise’.

Now you really need to make up for ‘forgetting’ their birthday for the entire day, so this surprise party needs to be a big one.

Include all of their favorite snacks, games, decorations, you name it! You’ll also have to make their absolute, favorite cake.

Final Thoughts

To conclude, birthdays are a great excuse for playing some funny pranks on the birthday boy or girl.

This day is all about them, and whether that is good or bad is up to you and the kinds of pranks you want to pull on them!

All of the pranks in this article are super simple to pull off, you just need to make sure that the birthday boy or girl won’t get too upset with any of them. After all, it is their special day.

So, grab a few of these pranks, and get planning!

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