60 Funny Wednesday Memes To Get You Through To Friday!

Wednesday, smack bang right in the middle of the week. It can seem like Friday is so close yet so far from our grasp. We are all in need of a midweek pick me up. 

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60 Funny Wednesday Memes To Get You Through To Friday!

Well these 60 memes are sure to lift your spirits this hump day and make it seem like Friday is just around the corner. 

Get yourself in the right state of mind this Wednesday with some funny memes and quotes. You may even want to share your high spirits with your friends and followers. 

Check them out below!

1. “Warm Wednesday Blessings Good Morning”

As we make it through the week all you need is a coffee to start the day.  

2.“This Is My It’s Only Wednesday Face”

This cat perfectly captures how many of us feel when we realize we are as close to Friday as we are to Monday. 

3. “Just Give Me The Coffee And No One Gets Hurt”

On a Wednesday morning the only thing you need is a coffee. And this polar bear understands that feeling. 

4. “That Moment When You Think It’s Friday But It’s Really Wednesday”

We all know the disappointment of thinking it’s Friday when it’s only Wednesday. We have all made this face once or twice. 

5. “It’s Hump Day My Sista’s!”

Make sure everyone knows its hump day with Winifred from Hocus Pocus.

6. “Wednesday, It’s Just Monday In Disguise”

Show Wednesday for what it really is, a Monday in disguise. Especially when we are having a rather slow week. 

7. “And It’s Only Wednesday Mwa ha ha ha!”

Feeling mischievous this Wednesday? Join this racoon in its devious plans throughout the week. 

8. “Coffee, Making Hump Day Somewhat Productive”

Coffee is what really helps us all get through a tough hump day. Make sure everyone remembers to drink their coffee this Wednesday. 

9. “Happy Hump Day!! I Need Coffee Now!”

Wish everyone a happy hump day! Also make sure to get that cup of coffee before you go crazy like this came!

10. “Happy, Happy Wednesday! Smile, The Week Is Half Over!”

Make everyone smile with the news that the week is half over and you can look forward to the weekend. 

11. “Have A Good Wednesday You Hear?”

Adorable yet affirmative. Everyone should have a good Wednesday. 

12. “Wednesday Is Latin For Almost Friday”

Have fun with some word play on Wednesday. Speak Friday into existence with this Latin phrase: Wednesday. 

13. “Keep Calm, Its Hump Day”

Make sure to keep calm this Wednesday, it’s only hump day. 

14. “Happy Hump Day!!! Drinks On Me”

Share the joy with a round of drinks from Leonardo Dicaprio this hump day. 

15. “Wednesday Pump Day”

Prefer to spend your Wednesday at the gym? Make Wednesday Pump Day instead of Hump Day. 

16. “Happy Hump Day”

Show off your excitement with some epic dance moves this Hump Day. 

17. “Two Thumbs Up For Wednesday… We Made It Halfway Through The Week!”

Give yourself and your followers a well deserved thumbs up this Wednesday!

18. “Hump Day It Is, Camel I Am Not”

Share Yoda’s wisdom this hump day and ensure everyone knows you are not a camel. Although it would not be a bad outcome. 

19. “What  beautiful Hump Day, I Hate It”

While it might be sunny outside, Hump Day is still a weekday. No one likes a weekday.

20. “It’s Wednesday, Not Hump Day!”

Everyone should be aware of the true name of Hump Day. Let the Queen herself tell your followers. 

21. “Say Hump Day One More Time I Dare You”

Hearing the words Hump Day can become exhausting. This Pulp Fiction is sure to make your distaste known. 

22. “It’s Hump Day Hell Yea!”

Share your hump day cheer with your colleagues at the office. Keep spirits high and work flowing. 

23. “Wednesday Is Hump Day But Everyday Is A Pump Day”

Keep your pump popping everyday. But especially on hump day!

24. “You Know What Today Is? Hump Day”

Caress the tired ears of your colleagues with this whispering Sloth meme. No one should forget hump day. 

25. “Listen Carefully… It’s Hump Day And I Will Find You…”

Who wants to feel the wrath of Liam Neeson? Keep yourself safe this hump day and don’t let him find you. 

26. “Nobody Wishes A Happier Hump Day Than Me! Believe Me!”

Give yourself and followers a chuckle with this inspirational Hump Day meme. We all know you love hump day. 

27. “Mike, Mike, Mike, Guess What Day It Is…Hump Day, Yeah!”

Don’t let your hump day go by unnoticed. Inform everyone and anyone of the day of the week. 

28. “It’s Wednesday. On Wednesdays We Drink Wine.”

Swap out the pink for a glass of wine this Wednesday. Or a bottle, we won’t tell . 

29. “Tomorrow You’ll Be Saying Hello From The Other Side Of The Work Week”

Find some motivation to finish this working week with a midweek Adele meme. 

30. “Trying Desperately To Get Over Wednesday”

 We are all struggling to get over the hurdle of Wednesday. Even this adorable puppy!

31. “If You Could Stop Posting The Hump Day Camel Every Wednesday, That’d Be Great” 

Seeing the same meme over and over again is sure to drive you insane. Make your annoyance known. 

32. “Not Sure If Its Wednesday Or I Just Need Coffee”

By this point in the week we are as confused as this meme. Maybe we just need some coffee. 

33. “Yes Today Is That Day”

Nothing beats looking into the distance and knowing that it’s hump day without having to utter the words. 

34. “Today Is Wednesday Which Means Tomorrow Is Pre Friday Which Means The Day Its Friday, So It’s Basically Friday”

It might be Wednesday but you can certainly get yourself ready for the weekend. 

35. “Happy Wednesday! I Think I Can See The Weekend From Here!”

Get yourself ready for the weekend! Can’t see it? Look harder!

36. “Nothing Screws Up Your Friday Like Realizing It’s Only Wednesday!”

The disappointment of realizing it’s Wednesday and not Friday is rather upsetting. 

37. “C’mon Say It.. Say It..!”

C’mon, join this camel and say the words…’Hump Day!’. 

38. “Hump Day Halfway To The Weekend”

Yes! We are halfway to the weekend and a nice fist bump is the way to celebrate. 

39. “We Are THIS CLOSE To It Being Friday”

We are so close to Friday that this puppy cannot wait!

40. “OMG It’s Only Wednesday”

We are as shocked as this cat that it’s only Wednesday. 

41. “Guess What Day It Is?! Hum- Wednesday!! It’s Just Wednesday!!”

Sweeped up in the hump day madness? You might need Batman to snap you out of it. 

42. “Why?!?! Is It Just Wednesday!?”

Everyone can relate to this furious baby at one point or another on a Wednesday. What about you?

43. “Hey, Guess What Day It Is!? What Day Is It? Wine Wednesday.”

Are you as thrilled as this cat about a glass of wine this Wednesday? We are more like the camel. 

44. “Wednesday, It’s Like The Middle Finger Of The Week…”

Bugs is absolutely right with this statement. Use it to your advantage. 

45. “It’s Only Wednesday”

Who needs a glass? Only a pitcher will scare away the Wednesday blues. 

46. “Woke Up This Morning Like… Happy Wednesday”

Yes, sometimes we can wake up feeling energized and strong. On a Wednesday though? 

47. “It’s Wednesday And I Still Can’t Find The Motivation”

No motivation since Monday? That’s alright, neither can this panda. 

48. “Me: I Am A Strong, Intelligent, College Education Person. Also Me: Wed-Nes-Day”

It’s okay, sometimes even the smartest of people need help. Wednesday is a hard word!

49. “If Wednesday Had A Face”

We also make this face when we think of a Wednesday. 

50. “Can You See Friday Yet?…No!! There’s A Darn Camel In My Way”

Teamwork makes the dream work. Unless there’s a hump day camel in your way. 

51. “Happy Wednesday Get Out There And Be Awesome!

Motivational words from Mr. Bean to get you over the midweek hump. 

52. “When You Woke Up Realizing You Didn’t Hump On Hump Day Again”

There’s always another hump day!

53. “Sunday: I’m Never Drinking Again…Wednesday:”

Sunday’s words are a thing of the past!

54. “Hump Day, Wednesday, Midweek”

What term do you prefer? Hump Day is our favorite. 

55. “Stop Complaining It’s Only Wednesday Or Draw 25”

Complaining that it’s only Wednesday is a great pass time. Draw that 25!

56. “This Is Me At Work On Wednesday Daydreaming That I Am Done With Work For The Week”

If you dream it, you can achieve it!

57. “It’s Wednesday Get The Camel Out Of The Office And Get Back To Work”

It’s hard to remember there is work to be done on hump day. 

58. “ Have A Purrfect Wednesday”

Nothing beats being motivated by an adorable kitten. 

59. “Wednesday’s Call For Whiskey”

Pour yourself a double, it’s been a hard week so far. 

60. “Only 2 Days Until Friday”

This fox is well into the countdown for the weekend. 


Feeling sluggish and unmotivated this Wednesday? Check out the memes above for a chuckle and to add an extra pep in your step. 

Whiskey, coffee, wine, or cute animals. Take your pick and make the midweek hump seem smaller as you work or study. 

You might even want to share with your friends and followers to spread the hump day happiness. 

If not, you can keep them to yourself for a giggle!

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