40 Of The Best Summer Memes That Are Sure To Make You Laugh

Everyone loves the summertime, but you’d be lying if you said you’ve never complained about the heat!

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Here are 40 of the best summer memes that are sure to make you laugh!

1. “Punishment For Wearing Those Shoes”

2. “Stepping Outside In The Summer Like… Nope.”

3. “Stages Of Wearing Your Hair Down In The Summer”

4. “Enjoying Your Summer And You See The First Back-To-School Ad”

5. “Me Trying To Survive The Summer Heat”

6. “Not Sure If Still Wet From The Shower Or Already Sweating Again”

7. “When You’Re Waiting For The Lifeguard To Give You The Green Light To Go Down The Slide”

8. “When You Go Back To School And Ur Friends Have Been On Holiday And Tanning While You’ve Spent All Ur Time Watching Netflix”

9. “Me Trying To Relax Outside. A Wasp.”

10. “There Are Two Types Of People:”

11. “Stop Putting Up Halloween Decorations- It’s Still Summer! Me:”

12. “Making Plans For Summer Vacation Like- I Have $3”

13. “Don’t Be Dramatic This Summer. Me:”

14. “Friends: What Are Your Plans For Today? Me: Air Conditioning.”

15. “Other People At The Beach Vs. Me At The Beach”

16. “Driving In Hot Weather Be Like…”

17. “When It’s So Hot… The Cactus Gives Up”

18. “Friend: I’m So Happy It’s Summer Already. Me:”

19. “Maybe Next Time You’ll Try A Little Sunscreen.”

20. “This Weather Got Me Like….”

21. “Mood”

22. “You Don’t Know What Pain Is Until One Of These Touches You In The Summer”

23. “I’m Not Coming Out Till It Cools Down Out There!

24. “You Know It’s Hot When Even The Dog Starts To Melt”

25. “Checking On Your Summer Body And Finding You Have Plenty”

26. “When The Mosquitoes See You Have Your Ankles Out”

27. “I Don’t Care… I Still Like Summer More Than Winter.”

28. “When You Walk In A Store That Has A/C”

29. “Them: Are You Ready For Hot Girl Summer? Me:”

30. “Me On The First Day Of Sun: I Can’t Wait To Take Advantage Of This Glorious Weather. Me Two Days Later:”

31. “When The Weather Starts Getting Nice But The Only Outfits You Look Good In Are All Black”

32. “Do You Wanna Go Out And Do Something Today? Me:”

33. “After You’ve Been Out In The Sun All Day:”

34. “Summer Nights”

35. “Getting In Your Car During The Summer: THIS CAR IS ON FIIIIRRREE”

36. “You Ready For Summer? Me:”

37. “Describe Your Summer In 2 Pictures”

38. “I’m Looking Forward To Summer. The Rain Gets Warmer”

39. “Others During Summer Doing The Hot Dog/Leg Challenge While I’m Here Looking Like A Whole Meal”

40. “This Is The Energy I Want To Have This Summer”


Summer is easily the best time of the year, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t come with its own problems.

We’re sure you’ve found these memes super relatable and really funny, so share them with your friends and family for a good!

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