39 Best Memes To Show Your Love To That Special Someone

It’s no secret that keeping the passion alive in a relationship can be hard work. Especially as we spend more and more time on our phones than enjoying each other’s company.

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That’s why we love, love memes. Show your special someone just how much you love them by sharing it with the online world or send it to them personally. Who says romance is dead?

We have found 39 of the best love memes that you can share with your special someone to show how much they mean to you and just how special they are. 

Check them out below!

1. “You Are The Most Amazing Person, I Love You”

Start your loved ones day the right way with an adorable affirmation of your love for them.

Does your partner know that they are the one for you? Tell them with this loving Hulk meme.

2. “A Good Boyfriend Will Never Wanna Change Anything About You…Except Your Last Name”

Accepting each other is an important part of a relationship. Especially your flaws. 

3. “I Love You Enough To Pee With The Door Open”

Nothing screams love and comfort like going for a tinkle with the door open. 

4. “I Love You So Much, I Will Literally Hold My Farts In For You”

Do you have a habit of being silent but deadly? Show your love by holding it in for a day. 

5. “You’re My Dream, Please Come True”

Manifest your dream person into existence. Your dream came true when they entered your life. 

6. “Real Feeling Don’t Just Go Away”

Once you catch feelings, they don’t just disappear. They are strong and cannot be ignored. 

7. “I Like To Hang Out With People Who Make Me Forget To Look At My Phone”

Make sure the people around you make you forget about your phone. Even for just a little while. 

8. “Look At The Top Right Corner”

Take your special someone on a little adventure on their screen to discover how much you love them. 

9. I Love You From My Head TO-MA-TOES”

Who doesn’t love a little word play with some adorable art of fruit. Yes, tomatoes are a fruit. And they are sure to make your partner smile. 

10. “All Of Me Loves All Of You”

Let song lyrics from one of the sweetest love songs of all time speak your words of love to your special someone. You can even sing along if you want to get the full effect. 

11. “You. My Undying Love And Affection”

We all have moments where our love and affection could smother our loved ones. Let them know it will never dry up with this drowning dog meme.  

12. “You Always Make My Day Bright And Warm”

You don’t always have to go down the road of a grand gesture. Just let them know they brighten your day and you can brighten theirs in return. 

13. “You’re Really Great, I’d Give You The World If I Could”

Often giving your loved one your love just doesn’t seem enough. And you really would give them the world if you could. 

14. “Size Of Earth. Size Of Jupiter. Size Of My Love For You”

Your special someone should know that your love for them really does encompass the size of the earth. It’s even bigger than Jupiter!

15. “For U”

Not able to gift your loved one with a bouquet of flowers? Send them this meme of flowers to show you’re still thinking about them. 

16. “Take My Heart”

If your love doesn’t need words then still make your partner smile. Give them your heart through a simple sketch. 

17. “Hey You. I Love You. You Better Love Yourself Too. Or Else I Will Get Angry.”


While you love your special someone so much, make sure they also love themselves. Self-love is just as important. 

18. “Your Voice. Me.”

Whether they are right next to you or on the phone, you just want to record them and listen to them forever through your headphones. 

19. “You. You, Your Smile. Your Voice. You and I making a cake together”

When you love someone so much they are all you can think about. Although there is always a tiny space for music. 

20. “Will You Be Mine?”

Ready to ask that special someone to be yours? Make sure they cannot say no with a heart warming meme. They just might have to say yes. 

21. “Free Hugs. Available Use 24/7”

A hug from the right person can make all of your worries melt away. Let them cash in their ticket any time and all of the time.

22. “ I Fall In Love With You Everytime I See You.”

Whether you are a new couple or been together for 50 years let your partner know your feelings are as strong as ever. 

23. “Help. I’m So In Love With You”

Falling in love can be a wonderful, terrifying experience. Ask your beloved for help and they will know how strong your feelings are. 

24.  “Home: A Place Where You Are Always Welcome And Surrounded By Those Who Love You”

The words I love you don’t always have to be spoken. This simple definition is sure to describe your feelings for that special someone. 

25. “Book 1 Of 100: Reasons Why I Love You. Me.”

Feel like one reason isn’t enough to show your love? Why not share 100 reasons you love your partner?

26. “ I’m No Chemist, But I Do Know That I Lu V YOU”

Does your partner love some science humour? Spell out your love for them through a periodic table. Smart, funny, and cute. 

27. “Be Minecraft. Without The Craft.”

Word play and video games. Is there a better way to convince your love to be yours? It works even better if your target is a massive minecraft fan. 

28. “I Have Like The Biggest Crush On You”

Been together for years or building the courage to let your feelings known? Make your special person smile by telling them you have a crush on them. 

29. “You > Literally Everyone Else”

Show your partner your devotion by telling them that you will choose them over everyone else. They are your person and they have your loyalty. 

30. “I Like The Idea That Someone, Somewhere Is Made For You…Forever”

Like the idea of soulmates? Of finding that certain someone who is made just for you? Share your love for love with your special someone and discover if they are your soulmate. 

31. “YOU ARE ENOUGH. You Are So Enough It Is Unbelievable How Enough You Are”

Sometimes the only way to make someone believe you is to have it in bold capital letters. Ensure your loved one knows their worth by telling them they are enough. 

32. “Sometimes You Fall In Love With The Most Unexpected Person At The Most Unexpected Time.”

You can never really plan for love. And often it is the unexpected love that hits the hardest. Has your unexpected love come to you yet? It’s important to let them know!

33. “ I Want To Hold Your Hand But You’re Too Far Away So Im Sending This Meme”

Long distance relationships can be hard. You want to hold them but they are too far away. Let the Simpsons show just how much you want to touch your loved one. 

34. “ List Of Cute Things: You.”

It is important to let your special someone know just how cute they are. And just how much you love them. You even made a list!

35. “What Makes Mme Happy? You!”

Does your loved one make you the happiest person on Earth? Tell them with an adorable cat meme. Who doesn’t love a cute cat meme?

36. “The Reason I Smile At My Phone Is You”

You know you are really falling for someone when you start smiling at your phone like a lunatic when they message you. 

37. “I Love You. Even On Bad Days When Everyone Else Annoys Me”

Finding someone who brings you peace when the rest of the world is irritating you is something to be treasured. 

38. “ How Cute Is My Girlfriend? Hella.”

Make your girlfriend smile on a random Tuesday with this pie chart meme

39. “ To-Do List: Give You Love Every Second Of Each Day”

Just in case you forget to love your special someone, here’s a to-do list. 

Final Thoughts 

You don’t always have to be with your special someone to tell them you love them. A cute, heartwarming meme can do the job just as well, or even better. 

Get creative and pick for 39 of the best love memes we have selected above. 

There’s even one for every day of the month!

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