93 Of The Best Funny Sunday Memes That Will Make You Laugh

Sundays are both great and really sad… and that’s what memes are for!

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91 Of The Best Funny Sunday Memes That Will Make You Laugh

Check out 91 of the best funny Sunday memes below that are sure to make you laugh because they are so relatable!

1. “I’m Not Ready For Monday! Can I Have Another Sunday?”

2. “When It’s Sunday So You Cocoon All Day So You Can Morph Into A Productive Member Of Society For The Week.”

3. “When You Realize It’S Sunday Morning And You Can Sleep More.”

4. “Sunday Rule: Can’t Reach It, Don’t Need It.”

5. “Happy Sunday, Hope It’s Bearable”

6. Parents Getting Their Kids Ready For Church On Sunday Mornings Vs. Them Walking Into Church”

7. “It’s Sunday Therefore I’m 100% Motivated To Do Nothing”

8. “Sunday! Come Back!”

9. “How I Feel Every Sunday Night… Y’all Got Any More Of That Weekend”

10. “Sunday Goals”

11. “It’s Sunday Movement Is Optional”

12. “I Think Sunday Should Be 48 Hours Instead Of The Usual 24, So We Have More Time To Prepare For Monday”

13. “Not Sure If I’m Wasting My Sunday Or… Just Really Enjoying It.”

14. “Sunday Got Me Like…”

15. “Shhhhh… I’m Busy Doing Sunday”

16. “My Sunday Plan: I’ll Sleep Until I’m Hungry And They Eat Until I’m Sleepy”

17. “Hide, I See Monday”

18. “Sunday Funday… It’s My Favorite”

19. “When It’s Sunday Night But You Have Monday Off”

20. “My Saturday Was Going Pretty Well Until I Realized It Was Sunday”

21. “I’m Not Ready For Monday. Can I Have Another Sunday?”

22. “The Face I Make While I’m Setting Up My Alarm On Sunday For Monday Morning”

23. “One Does Not Simply Be Happy On A Sunday Night”

24. “Know That Awful Feeling You Get On Sunday When You Remember You Work Tomorrow? Never Happens To A Cat.”

25. “How I Feel Every Sunday Night… I Must Stop Monday From Coming… But How?”

26. “Ahhhhh… Sometimes You Just Have To Chill Out For A Bit.”

27. “Enjoy Your Sunday Like A Pro”

28. “Weekend Is Almost Over?”

29. “And Just Like That, The Weekend Was Gone.”

30. “Setting My Alarm Tonight Like”

31. “When You Realize It’s Sunday”

32. “And Just Like That *POOF* Weekend. Gone.”

33. “Happy Sunday. Mind Fresh, No Job, No Stress”

34. “Me Trying To Find My Motivation On A Sunday”

35. “Today Is Sunday. False! Today Is Smonday!”

36. “When You Realize Tomorrow’s Monday”

37. “Why Is The Weekend Only Two Days?! Why?!”

38. “The Face You Make At Work On A Sunday”

39. “Me On Sunday Nights After A Weekend Full Of Excessive Calories & Regrets”

40. “Alright… Who Pushed The Fast Forward Button On My Weekend?”

41. “Noooooooo Tomorrow’s Monday”

42. “What Do You Mean It’s Sunday? It Was Friday 2 Hours Ago”

43. “Work On Sunday… Ain’t Nobody Got Time For Dat!”

44. “Ahhhh… Sunday….”

45. “Oh No, Tomorrow Is Monday… I Don’t Think I Can Do This Every Week!”

46. “When You’re Just Relaxing Enjoying The Weekend, And Monday Runs Up On You Like…”

47. “Help… I’ve Ran Out Of Weekend!”

48. “Go Away Monday! Pew, Pew, Pew!”

49. “Mondays… You’re Telling Me They Will Happen Every Week?”

50. “It’s Sunday… I Don’t Move On Sundays”

51. “Happy Sunday”

52. “Sunday Carbs Don’t Count. They Are The Lord’s Carbs And He Wants You To Be Happy.”

53. “It’s Not A Sunday Unless You Completely Waste It And Feel Really Sad Around 8 PM”

54. “Before Church, 8:55 AM Vs. At Church, 9.00 AM

55. “My Sunday Plan: I Will Sleep Until I’m Hungry And Then Eat Until I’m Sleepy”

56. “Easy Like A Sunday Morning”

57. “Monday’s Coming! HIIIIIIIDE!”

58. “Cuz I’m Easy… Easy Like Sunday Morning”

59. “Shhhh… I’m busy doing Sunday”

60. “When It’s Sunday….”

61. “Have A Wonderfully Lazy Sunday”

62. “Run! Monday’s Coming!”

63. “Smonday… The Moment When Sunday Stops…”

64. “It’s Monday Tomorrow?”

65. “Sunday! My Day Of Rest And Relax!”

66. “And Let Us Never, Ever Forget The Best Day Of The Week…”

67. “Sunday Funday”

68. “Just Sit Back And Relax… It’s Sunday”

69. “I Like To Spend My Sunday Nights Wishing It Wasn’t Sunday Night”

70. “I Don’t Want To Go Back To Work!”

71. “When You Hear Your Kids Wake Up In The Morning…”

72. “Don’t Look… Here Comes Monday”

73. “Omg It’s Coming… Monday’s Coming!”

74. “Warning: Going To Sleep On Sunday Will Cause Monday”

75. “Don’t Forget…”

76. “3 Of The Worst Words To Here… Tomorrow Is Monday”

77. “I’ve Got The Sunday Night Blues”

78. “Tomorrow Is Monday…”

79. “Goodbye Weekend…”

80. “I Swear It Was Friday Like 9 Minutes Ago…”

81. “Sunday Night Has Me Like….”

82. “Is It Too Early To Be Looking Forward To Friday?”

83. “Friday Vs. Sunday”

84. “Waking Up Late On Sunday”

85. “Just The Thought Of Work In The Morning”

86. “Tomorrow Is Monday?”

87. “Me Every Sunday Night”

88. “Omg! Run! Monday’s Coming!”

89. “Things I Don’t Feel Like Doing Today:”

90. “Don’t Go Weekend!”

91. “Trying To Relax On Sunday”

92. “A Day On Jupiter’s Moon…”

93. “Sunday Night


Sunday’s are always a mix of emotions, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a good laugh about it!

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