60 Of The Best Funny Friday Memes That Will Make Your Day

We’ve all been there: breathing a sigh of relief because it’s suddenly Friday and that means the weekend is about to start.

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After a long, hard week of work and school, being able to unwind for two days really is something to celebrate. 

60 Of The Best Funny Friday Memes That Will Make Your Day

That Friday feeling seems to be the same for everyone as well… so much so, that there are plenty of Friday memes out there!

If you really want to get into the spirit of Friday, then check out these memes that we have put together for you! 

Thank goodness for Friday!

60 Of The Best Funny Friday Memes That Will Make Your Day

We’ve put together a list of 60 of the best and funniest Friday memes. They are super relatable and sure to make your day. Start your weekend in the right way by having a bit of a giggle! 

So let’s take a look at the memes now! 

1. “That Moment When You Realize It’s Friday”

Sometimes, just the relief of realizing it’s Friday is all you need. We have all pulled this face at least once… every single Friday. 

2. “Doin’ My Friday Sance”

Friday means it’s time to celebrate… and you can’t celebrate without having a little Friday dance! What does your Friday dance look like?

3. “Oh My Goodness… It’s Friday!”

Friday really is the day we feel the most relieved. Two whole days of no alarms and relaxing? Yes please! 

4. “When Your Alarm Goes Off And You Realize It’s Friday”

No more alarms for TWO WHOLE DAYS. I mean, how can you not feel like this monkey every single Friday? 

5. “I Made It… It’s Finally Friday…”

We have all had weeks that feel like they drag on and on. So when Friday does finally come around, it feels like the best day ever! 

6. “I Can’t Believe My Eyes… It’s Friday!!!”

On the other hand, maybe instead of a little smile, you just look straight up crazy when you realize it’s Friday… each to their own! We understand the feeling! 

7. “Thank Goodness It’s Friday… I’ve Had Enough Of This Week!”

You can’t have a good week all the time, so on the weeks that are pretty bad, it’s ok to feel like this. Just remember that you have the whole weekend to charge back up and be ready for Monday! 

8. “I Found Friday. It Was Hiding At The End Of The Week This Whole Time!”

That darn Friday… it always hides itself all week with no hope of finding it. Turns out, it was at the end of the week the whole time! Who could have possibly known? 

9. “OMG! Did You Say Friday?”

Name a better feeling than thinking it’s Thursday, just for someone to remind you that it’s actually Friday. Can’t think of a better feeling, can you? 

10. “Hands Up If You Love Fridays”

I mean… who doesn’t love Fridays? Our hand shot straight up and we hope yours did too. And if it didn’t… why on earth not?! 

11. “My Happy Friday Face!”

Everyone has their own unique Friday face… unless yours looks just like this dog. But then again, everyone will pull this face at least once on a Friday. 

12. “Thank Goodness It’s Friday!! I’m Tired!”

It’s no secret that most of us are absolutely exhausted by the time it gets to Friday… but that’s ok!

All you have to do is get through the remainder of your day and two days of relaxation and no early mornings await you. You got this! 

13. It’s Friday! Let The Shenanigans Commence!”

Friday is the time when you can breathe out and let your hair down after a long week. Just make sure that your shenanigans aren’t too over the top! Enjoy the weekend! 

14. “We’ve Got That Friday Feeling”

Do you ever just feel super cool and chill on Fridays? The Friday feeling is an absolute blessing that everyone deserves to feel. 

15. “Fresh Friday Here I Am”

Though some people feel super tired on Fridays, others get a new lease of life and feel FRESH… which one are you? 

16. “Wake Up With A Bounce… It’s Friday!”

Most people find they have a bit more motivation to get through the day when Friday rolls around and that’s no real surprise! Wake up with a bounce on your Friday mornings and seize the day! Carpe Diem! 

17. “Woo Hoo! It’s Friday!”

Do you ever catch yourself just saying “Woo hoo! It’s Friday!” When the end of the week comes around? We sure do! 

18. “That Look On Your Face When You Realize It’s A Friday!”

When the reality hits that it’s Friday and the week is coming to an end, we can’t help ourselves but feel like this! 

19. “Finally, It’s Friday!”

After a long week of early mornings and hard work, it’s time to relax and unwind… you too can feel as chill as this baby! 

20. “Smile, It’s Friday!”

If nothing else on Friday, remember to smile! The end of the week is always worth celebrating!

21. “Happy Friday To All My Peeps”

Don’t forget to wish your friends and family a happy Friday. In fact, send them this meme to put a smile on their face. 

22. “Hey Everybody It’s Friday… YAAAYYYYYYYYY”

Sometimes we just want to scream from the rooftops “IT’S FRIDAY YAAAAAAYYYYYYYY!!!!”

23. “It’s Friday, High Five!”

Who wouldn’t give this adorable little puppy a Friday high five? High five everybody because it’s FRIDAY.

24. “Leaving For Work On Friday Like, FREEDOM!”

Whether it’s work or school, as soon as you leave the building on a Friday, it feels like you are free! 

25. “Show Me Your Friday Face!”

More Friday faces… there really are so many different exciting emotions we go through on this day of the week! 

26. “Linda, Linda, Honey… Listen… It’s Friday!”

Are you ever just done with people by the end of the week who are trying to ruin your fun? Just remind them that it’s Friday! 

27. “I Love A Wild, Friday Night”

Most people go out and do things on Friday, but not all of us! A wild Friday night in is always super enjoyable. 

28. “Outta My Way! It’s Friday!”

When Friday rolls around, we feel a spring in our step and we feel unstoppable! 

29. “Ahhhhhhh The Sweet Smell Of Friday”

There’s just something about the smell of Friday and we know that you know what we mean! 

30. “It’s Friday! I Made It… Barely…”

If you’ve had a bad week don’t worry! It’s over now, you can rest! 

31. “This Is My Yay It’s Friday Hair!”

When they say “let your hair down, it’s Friday!” did they mean literally? 

32. “Well, Well, Well… Look What Finally Decided To Show Up… Hello Friday”

After a long week sometimes it can feel like Friday is purposely staying away from us. 

33. “Whoop! Whoop! It’s Friday!”


34. “Leaving Work On A Friday…”

As soon as you can leave school or work, we know a few of you make a run for it! 

35. “I’m Glad It’s Friday… This Weekend Has Been Ruff”

Not every week is easy, sometimes, it’s ruff. 

36. “I Can Smell The Weekend From Here”

Friday means the weekend is very close… can you smell it? 

37. “Friday… It’s Kind Of A Big Deal”

I mean, Friday is a pretty big deal. 

38. “Friday Got Me Like:”

It gives you an extra spring in your step. 

39. “We Made It! It’s Finally Friday!”


40. “Why Is Monday So Far From Friday, But Friday So Close To Monday?”

It simply isn’t fair! 

41. “Okay, Another Good Week Done… Happy Friday!”

Time to relax!

42. “It’s Friday!”

Jump for joy… it’s Friday!

43. “If Friday Had A Face” 

You know this is what it would look like. 

44. “It’s Friday… Let’s Rock”

The weekend awaits!

45. “Smile! Tomorrow Is Friday!”

Thursday’s can be good too. 

46. “YESSSsss… Friday I Smell”

Even Yoda has that Friday feeling.

47. “It’s Friday! Just Kidding, I Work The Weekends.”

Not everyone get’s the weekend off… and we salute you!

48. “Me Friday Vs. Me Monday”

The difference is very noticeable. 

49. “Ahh, There You Are Weekend”

50.  “Dude, It’s Friday… Cheer Up!”

51. “Guess What? It’s Friday!”

52. “May Your Coffee Be Strong And Your Friday Short”

53. “Happy Friday!!!!! Let The Fun Begin! Muahahahahah”

54. “It’s Friday… High Five Everything!”

55. “That Can Wait Until Monday, And That Can Wait Until Monday… Everything Can Wait Until Monday!”

56. “It’s Friday… Oh Yeah Man!”

57. “Everyone’s Got Big Friday Night Plans And I’m Just Over Here Like”

58. “When You Bored On A Friday Night”

59. “Yippee! I Don’t Have To Use My Alarm Clock Tomorrow!”

Is there any better feeling?

60. “Leaving The Week Behind- Let’s Get This Weekend Started!”


We hope you enjoyed all of these Friday memes and they helped to start your weekend off in a fun way!


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