The 30 Best Dad Joke Memes That Will Make You Laugh

We all know what dad jokes are: super cringy, super bad, and super obvious jokes that are usually told by dads when they are trying to be funny.

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We can see you sitting there shaking your head in cringe as you think about some of these jokes you might have heard yourself.

The 30 Best Dad Joke Memes That Will Make You Laugh

Though they are usually really bad jokes, sometimes they are so bad, that you can’t help but to laugh while you cringe.

So in that spirit, we have put together a list of the 30 best dad jokes in the form of memes that are sure to make you laugh (even if it’s in secret!). So let’s take a look!

The 30 Best Dad Joke Memes That Will Make You Laugh

Each of these memes perfectly showcases what dad jokes are really like.

They are cringe, they are awful, but somehow, they are so wrong that they are completely right!

Share these jokes with your friends and family and get the eyeballs rolling. You will find yourself laughing as you cringe once you’re done with this list!

1. “Please Could You Go To The Shop And Get A Carton Of Milk. If They Have Avocados Get Six. They Had Avocados.”

2. “Dad, Can You Tell Me What A Solar Eclipse Is? No Sun.

3. “What Do You Call A Fish With No Eye? What? FSHHHHHH

4. “I’m Gonna Make You Mine. Oh My God, Yes.”

5. “Would You Like A Drink? What Are My Options? Yes Or No.”

6. “When’s Your Birthday? March 1st. *Walks Around Room*… When’s Your Birthday?”

7. “You Spent Our Entire Life Savings On Dogs! They Are Golden Retrievers, Karen. They Retrieve Gold. I Did It For Us.”

8. “Hello, May I Have Your Order? No, It’s Mine.”

9. “What’s Upstairs? Unfortunately, The Stairs Don’t Talk.”

10. “Hi, Are You Ready To Order? Yes, I’ll Have The Steak. How Would You Like It? Well Done. Thank You, Sir, But I Haven’t Made It Yet.”

11. “I Need A Doctor’s Appointment. Ok, How About 10 Tomorrow? No, I Don’t Need That Many.”

12. “What Kind Of Music Do You Like? I’m A Huge Metal Fan. Me Too.”

13. “There’s Only One About Halloween That Scares Me. Which Is? Exactly.”

14. “Dad, There Is A Monster Under My Bed.”

15. “Dad, Why Is That Book So Thick? It’s A Long Story.”

16. “Why Do You Call Your Horse Mayo? It’s Not Even A White Horse. Mayo: [Neighs].”

17. “Doc, It Hurts When I Touch My Shoulder. Then Don’t Touch It. That Will Be $60.”

18. “Cargo Space? Car No Do That. Car No Fly.”

19. “Where Are You? Waiting For The Bus. Ok, Hurry Up. *WAITS FASTER*”

20. “What Is Your Favorite Month? July? Why July? I Didn’t Lie.”

21. “I’m Coming Over. Will You Be Long? Yes.”

22. “Open Up Please. Sometimes, I Get Sad.”

23. “Can I Call You Back… I’m Just Watching A Live Stream.”

24. “What Do You Call A Herd Of Sheep Tumbling Down A Hill? A Lambslide.”

25. “I Took A Job As The Head Of Old Mcdonald’s Farm. I’m The CIEIO.”

26. “How Does NASA Organize A Party? They Planet.”

27. “How Much Room Is Needed For Fungi To Grow? As Mushroom As Possible!”

28. “What Starts With W And Ends With A T. It Really Does, I Swear.”

29. “We’re Going To Have A Baby! Wow! Congrats, Are You Going To Find Out What It Is? I Already Googled It And It’s A Very Tiny Human.”

30. “Doctor, My Back Hurts When I Wake Up In The Morning. Wake Up In The Afternoon Then.”


They might be super obvious and make your eyes roll, but you can’t deny there’s some weird charm to dad jokes.

Each of these memes is the perfect example of dad jokes that are so bad, they are actually sort of funny. 

You can pretend like you didn’t laugh a bit at these memes, but we know that you definitely did. 

Show these memes to your friends and family to spread some laughs around.

You never know whose day you are going to make brighter with even the most cringy of dad jokes!

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